Whitehaven & District C.A.  - Border Terrier Club supported entry

Open Show, 15th March 2020, Penrith Leisure Centre, Penrith

My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge and to the Border Terrier Club for the proposal. I would like to thank the exhibitors that turned up and I think we can all understand the absentees considering the current unprecedented situation. Hopefully, if nothing else, perhaps some  these challenging times will bring some perspective for some.

PD (2,1) 1st Keefe's Keebank Just In Time, much to like in this up to size young dog. Strong head with decent jaw and teeth. Well off for neck and good shoulder. Firm topline with well set tail. Excellent coat and pelt. Moved well. Comfortably spanned although would prefer a bit more condition. BOS, BP and pleased to see him win a decent puppy group.

PGD (3,1) 1st Birrell's Otterpaws Mountain High. Strong dog that showed himself well. Slightly heavy in ear. Good straight and narrow front. Ok in neck and shoulder, good quarters. Moved well.

2nd Johnson's Blue Duke of Cumbria at Roseghyll, veteran dog in good condition. Of similar type to 1, perhaps neater in head but lacked a touch in enthusiasm.

OD (4,1) All three for me were up to size.
1st Johnson Kentixen Mint Imperial at Roseghyll, 2nd Birrell Otterpaws Muninn. These two were very similar in type, masculine, well balanced, shown in good coat and condition. Ok movers. Both spannable, preferred feet of 1.

3rd Johnson's Roseghyll Black Lord

PB (2,2) 

JB (2) Dixon's Otterpaws Red Red Wine. Sadly lacking in jacket today. Decent head, plenty of neck. Good ribbing, easily spanned. Good topline and tailset. Moves with good reach and drive, powered by well made hindquarters.

2nd Johnson's Foxy Fell at Roseghyll, good size bitch also lacking in coat. Nice head, ok for neck, movement not as precise as 1 today.

PGB (11,4) I was disappointed the bitch that would have been my BOB was withdrawn after it was realised she was over qualified for the class. 1st Fawcett's Carrock Curiosity. Ideal size bitch, in good coat and condition. Comfortably spanned. Good eye and ear but would prefer more muzzle. Ok in neck, good shoulder, narrow front standing on lovely feet. Well balanced, economic mover with good parallel movement. BOB

2nd Dixon's Otterpaws Lyin Eyes, strong head but still feminine, well off for neck. Well made hindquarters giving good drive on the move. 3rd  Dixon's Otterpaws Red Red Wine.

OB (6,2) 1st Ellis's Normbar Estee Lauder, there is a lot to like in this bitch, and she had one of the better shoulders today. In reasonable coat with good pelt. Moves well all ways, just found her a touch front heavy today.

2nd Mason's Catgallows Serendipity, good size, stockier built with lovely head and expression. Good shoulder, correct topline and tailset moved well.

3rd Dixon's Otterpaws Firebird.

Judge: Matt Smith (Alncroft)

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