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Breed Health Survey

The Club encourages all Border Terrier owners to participate in the Breed Health Survey, even if your dog is generally healthy. This provides a better picture of health across the breed. We emphasise that all reports are treated entirely confidentially - the only person having access to them is Prof. Steve Dean, BVetMed, DVR, MRCVS, who is undertaking the survey on behalf of the Breed Clubs.

A Survey Form is available to download and print at the link below:

Breed Health Survey - PDF
Breed Health Survey - Word doc

Annual Breed Health Reports

Please find below links to the current and prior years' updates from our Breed Health Coordinator Prof Steve Dean BVetMed, MRCVS, DVR     

Breed Health Updates 2017

Annual Health Report 2016

Breed Health Updates 2016

Prior Years:
Health Report 2016
Health Report 2015
Health Report 2014
Health Report 2013
Health Report 2012
Health Report 2011
Health Report 2010
Health Report 2009
Health Report 2008
Initial Health Report

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