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Championship Show 2011, 26th March, Carlisle Racecourse

James Wellbeloved

The Club wish to thank James Wellbeloved for their generous sponsorship of our Championship Show

Judge: Miss Jean Singh(Vandamere)

Entries: 166 for 184


Judge Miss Jean Singh with her winners.


BIS & Bitch CC, Howthwaite in Violet (Mr R and Mrs E Barrett)

Ravenside Ballymoss

RBIS & Dog CC, Ravenside Ballymoss (Mr M Lowry) 

Onthill Fernando

RDCC, Onthill Fernando (Mr R & Mrs A M Ramus)

Ravenside Hurricane Run at Ridgebow

BPIS & Best Puppy Dog, Ravenside Hurricane Run at Ridgebow (NAF) (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury)

Bandicoot Serenade

RBCC, Bandicoot Serenade (Mr G E & Mrs V L K Docwra)

Bramblebrae Violet

BPB, BOSPIS, Bramblebrae Violet (Mr G Wildey)

I thoroughly enjoyed judging The Border Terrier Club Championship Show on 26th March 2011 at Carlisle Racecourse. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the exhibitors for bringing their dogs along and also thank the Club for such a lovely present. Overall I have to say that the quality of the entire entry was quite good, but the movement of some exhibits was concerning. Another problem for me was exhibits not being in condition, some lacking muscle and substance and in a few instances they were a little overweight.

Special Working Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 0 Absentees: 0 

Veteran – Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 5 

1st: CH Ashbrae Poacher (Mr A & Mrs E Cuthbertson) A dog I have judged before. Still maintaining his youthfulness. Strong masculine otter head, lovely rich red colour. He is balanced and a nice type. Moved well.

2nd: CH Fehmarn Magic Lantern JW (Mrs J Morton Shaw) Slightly larger made all round, in good coat and condition for his age, little to choose between these two but movement was the decider

Minor Puppy – Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 0 

1st: Tythrop Tap on Wood for Ravenside (NAF) (Mr M Lowry) Although a bit of a handful on the table, he did manage to pull it together to win this class. Good front and rear assembly. His coat was harsh and his pelt thick. He was easily spanned and moved well. He is only a youngster, but hopefully, will have more to come. Time will tell.

2nd: Ravenside Work Force (Mr M Lowry) Has similar lines to the winner of this class, he has an excellent coat and was in good condition. Just preferred the movement and outline of the winner.

3rd: Hoathwood Habanero (Mrs S Hales) 

Res: Roxess a touch of Magic+B1116 

VHC: Iacheslei Pacifico (Miss A Harrison) 

Puppy – Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 1 

1st: Ravenside Hurricane Run at Ridgebow (NAF) (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) A very pleasing, stylish youngster. He has a lovely masculine head and a good reach of neck, balanced shape and outline with a good depth of chest and flat ribs. His coat was dense and harsh. Movement was sound and he showed well. BPD & BPIS.

2nd: Foxthorn McVicar (Mr R F & Mrs S Taylor) Another nice youngster, bodied up well and just coming into coat. He has good bone, neat feet, pleasing head and expression. He has a nice outline and movement appeared steady.

3rd: Cedarhill Beyond the Stars (Mrs C Dean) 

Res: Benny the Dip (Mr D & Mrs C Hodgson) 

VHC: Chorbeck Third Time Lucky (Mrs H Haughton)

Junior – Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 1 

1st: Northborders Mr Pickles (Miss J North) Blue and Tan of nice type and quality. I liked his masculine head and expression. His ears were set nicely; his bite was good and has a strong muzzle. He has a good reach of neck, straight front and was spannable. His hindquarters were well muscled and he moved with drive and purpose.

2nd: Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin (Mrs H Haughton) Liked this youngster. He has a good otter shaped head with a strong muzzle. He is a pleasing size and well proportioned. Nicely constructed. Coat was passing its best. Movement was sound and his handler got the best out of him.

3rd: Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) 

Res: Hobholt Helmsman JW (Mrs M A Wallace) 

VHC: Bandicoot Double Take (Mr G E & Mrs V L K Docwra) 

Yearling – Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 1 

1st: Northborders Mr Pickles (Miss J North) 

2nd: Cobstoneway River Magic JW (Miss C Spencer) This dog has a typical head, pleasing expression, neat ears and a correct bite. He has a good length of neck and body, correct bone and neat feet. He was presented in excellent condition and has a harsh jacket. His front movement was ok however his rear movement could be more positive. He was also not getting on with his neighbour in this class

3rd: Rexlands Cock Robin (Mr & Mrs D Matthews) 

Special Beginners – Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 1 

1st: Northborders Mr Pickles (Miss J North) 

2nd: Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin (Mrs H Haughton) 

3rd: Ragatam Lets Go over Borderbridge (Miss B J Singh) 

Res: St. Bedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine) 

VHC: Foxpaw Brilliant Disguise (Mr P & Mrs H Fulker) 

Post Graduate – Dog Entries:11 Absentees: 4 

1st: Onthill Fernando (Mr R & Mrs A M Ramus) A very workman like dog, with a pin wire coat. He has settled down in movement and today moved sound and with purpose. He pushed the CC winner hard. I liked his size, he has a masculine head without being coarse, correct bite with a strong muzzle, dark eyes and a keen expression. He has a lot to like about him and in time should trouble the best. Res Dog CC

2nd: Achouffe Murphy Gray at Adrival (Mrs J Bone) Pleasing head and ear set, good expression, correct scissor bite and a strong muzzle. He has a harsh double coat with ribs of good length and depth, built on racy lines. Movement could have been more positive.

3rd: Iacheslei Cantus JW (Miss A Harrison) 

Res: Ragatam Lets Go over Borderbridge (Miss B J Singh) 

VHC: Carrock Clayton (Ms J M Fawcett) 

Mid Limit – Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 2 

1st: Earthwise Wolfbane JW ShCM (Mr E J Houston) Masculine head, good mouth and correct bite. Spannable with good ribs, a level topline and correct tail set. He has well angulated hindquarters with good bone and tight feet. Coat was harsh in texture, pelt was thick. He was handled to advantage and moved soundly.

2nd: Solitary Mist (Mr D & Mrs C Hodgson) Blue and Tan with a harsh coat, he was slightly larger made than the winner, however I was still able to span him. He has correct bone, straight front and racy outlines. Just preferred the strength of head of the winner,

3rd: Achouffe Murphy Gray at Adrival (Mrs J Bone) 

Res: Foxcraig Magic Max at Tyneaster (Mrs S F Gill)

Limit – Dog Entries: 11 Absentees: 4 

1st: Ravenside Ballymoss (Mr M Lowry) This dog, I think, is approaching his full potential; he looked the part and was in fine form and is pleasing in so many respects. He has matured in head and body, his movement is steady and covers the ground with drive and purpose. He has correct angulation fore and aft, with a well constructed, toned body covered in a good double coat and a thick pelt. I liked his size and type, he is not overdone in any way. DOG CC & RBIS

2nd: Onthill Super Trouper (Mr R & Mrs A M Ramus) Litter brother to Res CC winner, similar to his brother only slightly larger made. Unfortunately he did not seem to enjoy his day out which was a pity as I have seen him on better form than he was today.

3rd: Foxcraig Jester (Mr G Sugars) 

Res: Holmehead Moss (Mr & Mrs Gillies) 

VHC: Chorbeck Moonlight Shadow (Mrs H Haughton) 

Open – Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 2 

1st: Rossboy Jack (Mr T & Mr G Robinson) A dog of nice size and type, with a good otter head, large teeth and correct bite. He is built on racy lines, with visible muscle tone, pleasing length of neck and straight front. His topline was level and he has a correct tail set. He was presented in good coat and condition. Movement was sound but unfortunately he did not cooperate with his handler in the challenge.

2nd: Fehmarn Reap the Harvest (Mrs J Morton-Shaw) Up to size, he has a good head, straight front, pleasing bone and substance. His loin and rear quarters were strong and toned. He was in good coat and condition. Moved ok.

3rd: CH Cedarhill Authorized JW (Mrs C Dean) 

Res: Earthwise Deuteronomy ShCM (Miss A W Culley) 

VHC: Iacheslei Torus JW (Miss A Harrison) 

Veteran – Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 2 

1st: Quatford Kiss & Tell at Fehmarn JW (Mrs J Morton Shaw) 13 ½ YEARS OLD! – what a showgirl, enjoyed her day out, movement was true, she was in fit condition with a pin wire coat, I was pleased to award her a well deserved Best Veteran.

2nd: CH Manx Margaid ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) Another senior who was still looking good and seemed to enjoy her day out, showed well.

3rd: Rubicon Raincloud ShCM (Mrs G Hyslop) 

Minor Puppy – Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 1 

1st: Oughterside Magic Sky (Master R W Scott) Nice feminine head, with a short strong muzzle. She was in a good double coat and easily spannable. Her size was pleasing but her showmanship needs to develop along with her front movement.

2nd: Alcumlow Miss Sixty at Riseburn (Miss C Tutin) Blue and Tan, Up to size for a minor puppy, for me, she was just lacking in head and strength of muzzle, but this may improve with maturity. Front movement needs to settle.

3rd: Gameway Magic Dragon (Mrs J Webb) 

Res: Tyneaster Bowmore Duana (Mrs S F Gill) 

VHC: Roxess If By Magic (Mr & Mrs J T Todd) 

Puppy – Bitch Entries: 16 Absentees: 12 

1st: Bramblebrae Violet (Mr G Wildey) Blue and tan, a nice type, I liked her size, outline and balance. She has a feminine head with a strong muzzle. Her front was straight, racy lines and balanced. She was sound in movement. Just needs to body up and develop substance. Best Puppy Bitch

2nd: Kgills Five Jive (Mrs J Broomhead) Another Blue and Tan which was larger made overall, with enough bone and substance for her age. Her movement and outline could not match that of the winner.

3rd: Dandyhow Myrtle (Mrs M Brown) 

Res: Hewbay Blue Neon (Mr & Mrs Cranson) 

Junior – Bitch Entries: 12 Absentees: 7 

1st: Fehmarn Fine Romance (Mrs J Morton Shaw) I liked her otter shaped head, keen expression. She has a short strong muzzle and nicely placed ears and was presented in a harsh double coat. Her feet were tight, front was straight and she is a nice size and type. Hindquarters were nicely angulated which enabled her to move with drive and purpose.

2nd: Badgerholme Ascot Opal (Mr & Mrs B Dickinson & Miss T James) Up to size and in full coat which made her look heavier than she was. I liked her head and expression. She has a good scissor bite and large teeth. She has racy lines but looked a tad long in body. Showed well.

3rd: Picer Beersheba (Mr A & Mrs H A Fletcher) 

Res: Carrock Cupcake (Ms J Fawcett) 

VHC: Seymours Bubble and Squeak for Ralenrio (Mr D J & Mrs D A Lorraine)

Yearling – Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 4 

1st: Howthwaite in Violet (Mr R and Mrs E Barrett) What a joy to go over, she has a striking outline and was immaculately presented, in first class condition, she is beautifully balanced, stylish and feminine. Her blue and tan coat was of the correct texture with ticking. She has lovely dark eyes and a keen expression. Her ears are neat and correctly placed with a strong muzzle and large teeth. She has a good length of neck, correct bone and front angulation leading to neat, tidy feet. I was able to span her with ease; her ribs were that nice ‘V’ shape in the hands, which enhanced her racy outline. She also has well angulated hindquarters; her second thigh was evident as was a correct turn of stifle. When asked to move she covered the ground effortlessly and soundly. She was in unison with her handler. Bitch CC and BIS.

2nd: Tojamatt Isolde (Mr D & Mrs A Matthews) Nice type with a feminine otter head, she is good for size, with well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly around the ring.

3rd: Smalesmouth Maylady (Mrs J Roberts)

Res: Lairehope Blue Sapphire (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian) 

Special Beginners – Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 4 

1st: Tyneaster Ancnoc Dara (Mrs S F Gill) Well presented with good toned body and substance. She was balanced and showed well Her movement was sound

2nd:  Carrickfarm Mika (Mrs M Armstrong) Similar in type to winner but her rear movement was not as positive as 1.

3rd: Seymours Bubble and Squeak for Ralenrio (Mr D J & Mrs D A Lorraine)

Res: Dandyhow Myrtle (Mrs M Brown) 

Post Graduate – Bitch Entries: 17 Absentees: 5 

1st: Saracen Susie of Kilburnpride (Mrs E & Miss E Scott) Blue and Tan, she has a good otter head, v shaped ears and a lovely expression. Built on racy lines, correct ribs and was spannable. She is a nice size with pleasing bone. Good angulation and she moved soundly both ways.

2nd: Achnagairn Wild Card (Mrs A Fraser) Another nice bitch, with type. She has a good double coat, nice body proportions and correct tailset. Her movement was sound although a little lethargic at times.

3rd: Ragatam Lucinda for Chorbeck (Mrs H Haughton)

Res: Achnagairn Smart Card (Mrs A Fraser) 

VHC: Ravenside Rockfel (Mr A & Mrs H A Fletcher) 

Mid Limit – Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 4 

1st: Bandicoot Serenade (Mr G E & Mrs V L K Docwra) Attractive feminine, otter head, short strong muzzle, nice expression and ear set. She has a smart appearance, well balanced body, a level topline and a good tail set. Her coat was of good texture. She has correct bone and tight feet. A good show girl enjoying her day out. Res Bitch CC

2nd: Grindelvald Miss Teak at Eltonfurze (Mrs A Fray) Lovely shaped feminine head, a nice type with good bone and substance. Coat was harsh and her pelt was thick. She has a lot to like about her but today, just lost out on rear movement to the winner.

3rd: Carrickfarm Maddy (Mrs V M Armstrong) 

Res: Achnagairn Plum Duff (Mrs A Fraser) 

VHC: Achnagairn Quick Step (Mrs A Fraser) 

Limit – Bitch Entries: 19 Absentees: 6 

1st: Ravenside Ma Biche at Ridgebow (Mr N Duxbury) A nice bitch with a pleasing head and expression, She was presented in good coat and condition. She has a nice length of neck, good shoulders and a straight front. I liked this bitch but she would benefit from a bit more enthusiasm in the ring.

2nd: Fehmarn Lochside Love (Mrs J Morton-Shaw) This bitch has a lovely otter head, dark eyes and a keen expression. She has a nice length of neck, level topline with a good tail set. She has good angulation, a straight front and correct ribs. She was well muscled and has body lines. Her movement was positive and sound, just short of coat today.

3rd: Irton Polka (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) 

Res: Lairehope Ruby Romance (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian) 

VHC: Joncroft Scullery Maid by Apasc (Mrs A Culley) 

Open – Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 0 

1st: CH Remony Barley Twist JW (Mrs A E Gregory) A worthy champion with many good qualities but she lacked her usual sparkle and seemed as though she just did not want to be in the ring today.

2nd: Ir CH Comberdown Diamond Edge to Taylortay (Mrs A Taylor) Blue and tan, with a good coat. She has a good straight front, and decent bone with tight feet. Her shoulders and hindquarters have correct angulation, therefore her movement was sound, both front and rear. She showed well and was presented in good order. She was in fit hard condition. Just preferred the head of the winner.

3rd: Wagtail Lass Via Ycart (Mr K K Fraser & Mrs T J Butler) 

Res: Fehmarn Free Ranger (Mrs J Morton Shaw) 

Brace Entries: 5 Absentees: 5

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