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Championship Show 2013, 30th March, Low Hesket Village Hall

James Wellbeloved

The Club wish to thank James Wellbeloved for their generous sponsorship of our Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Doreen Rushby (Dormic)

Entries: 179 + 9 nfc for 212

ch show 2013

Our Judge Mrs Doreen Rushby with her main winners

BIS & BCC CH Foxyard Better Behave At Emblehope

DCC & RBIS, Comberdown Finnegan

RDCC, Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM

RBCC, Ploughdown Portia 

BPD & BPIS, Ullyses Bloom at Shiftyfox

BPB & RBPISCedarhill Wish Upon a Star

The Border Terrier Club held a Championship show at Low Hesket on 30 March 2013. I felt very honoured to judge at this show and my thanks go to the Committee and Exhibitors for such an enjoyable day.

Special Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 0 Absentees: 0 

Veteran Dog Entries 10 Absentees 4

1st: CH/Nord CH Otterbobs Ninezergh (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) rising 8 years old, lovely type & size, nicely balanced throughout, pleasing head & expression, good front & hindquarters, good bone & feet, moved well.
2nd: Northlear The Trappers Tale (Miss S Coop) good overall type, nicely balanced, very good head, strong muzzle, pleasing front, good coat, moved & handled well.
3rd: CH Iacheslei Torus JW (Miss A Harrison)
Res: Foxcraig Jester (Mr G R Sugars)
VHC:Karison Kasper (Miss K Johnson)

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st: Cedarhill Stargazer (Miss A Speake & Mr H S Speake) pleasing pup of correct size for age, nice head & expression, neat ears, clean neck & good front, level topline with good tail carriage, moved out well.
2nd: Otterbobs Wordsworth (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) nicely put together with good front & rear angulation, moved OK.
3rd: Joncroft Scaramouche (Master C Johnston)
Res: Hartswelin Tornado at Southam (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam)

Puppy Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1st: Ullyses Bloom at Shiftyfox (Mr G Wildey) well balanced pup with good head, eye & strength of muzzle, straight front, neat feet, correct double coat, moved soundly.BPIS
2nd: Terabyte Red Robin (Mr J N & Miss A J Thomas) another nice pup with good all round balance, nice head, good neck & shoulders, decent jacket, moved well.
3rd: Riseburn Retro (Miss C Tutin)
Res: Cobstoneway Ocean Sunrise (Mrs G Stevens)
VHC: Peakrunner Arrows of Gold (Mrs S J Ruth)

Junior Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 1

1st: Glebeheath Jump The Gun (Mrs J Guvercin) has a pleasing head with dark eye and strong muzzle, nice neck set into well laid shoulders, rib carried well back, good loin & tailset, moved well.
2nd: Badgerholme Epsom Jet (Mr B & Mrs B Dickinson) nice one from this kennel, nice head & eye, shoulders & topline OK, moved well enough. Not the strength of loin of 1 but a nice one.
3rd: Glenbucket Diamond Geezer (Mrs N Anderson)
Res: Thorneyburn Peace Pipe (Mr M & Mrs A J Carr)
VHC: Balcanquhal Basil (Mr B & Mrs M Rooney)

Yearling Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

1st: Comberdown Finnegan (Mr I & Mrs A Higham) well shaped head, good scissor bite with big teeth, good ear placement, correct flow of neck into good shoulders, level topline, well set on tail, correct rib, easily spanned, good coat & pelt, moved & showed very well.CC & RBIS
2nd:  Daluce Fight Or Fall For Emblehope (Miss D Bladen) good head with correct bite and nice dark points, clean shoulders and strong loin, well set tail, covered the ground with ease.
3rd:  Houndshope Rest Dodd (Mrs M Wanless)
Res: Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow JW (Mr N Duxbury)
VHC:  Braemen's Lucas (Mr A & Mrs J Wilson)

Special Beginners Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 0

1st:  Ragatam Poco For Borderbridge (Miss B J Singh) up to size but balanced, liked his head, good front & feet, good coat & pelt, moved well.
2nd:  Northlear The Trappers Tale (Miss S Coop)
3rd: Hartswelin Tornado at Southam (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam)
Res: Raleniro Brand New Age (Mr D & Mrs N Chandler)
VHC: Thorneyburn Peace Pipe (Mr M & Mrs A J Carr)

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 12 Absentees: 4

1st: StBedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine) good overall type, nicely balanced, good head & ear carriage, good reach of neck, pleasing topline & tailset, moved well.
2nd: Roxess a Touch of Magic (Mr & Mrs J T Todd) handy size, good head & body proportions. Lacking coat. Moved OK.
3rd: Karison Klaret (Miss K Johnson)
Res: Holcombe Gentleman Jack (Mr J & Mrs Y Robinson)
VHC: Oughterside Mintys Pride (Mr R W Scott)

Mid Limit Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 3

1st: Merumhor Midwinter JW (Mr G & Mrs H Mckenzie) nice head & expression, ribs carried well back, good hindquarters with neat feet, moved out well.
2nd: Mighty Singer (Scattergood & Hedley) well proportioned dog of correct size, nicely shaped body, in good coat & condition, moved well.
3rd: Fehmarn Highland Encounter (Mrs E J Scott)
Res: Vallemoss Voodoo At Roxess ShCM (Mr J T & Mrs N Todd)
VHC: Secret Attraction (Mr T James)

Limit Dog Entries: 12 Absentees: 2

1st: Grettacs the Wizard ShCM (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness) smart dog, good head, strong muzzle, dark eye, good shoulders & front, well set tail, good length of body, correct jacket, moved well.
2nd: Ravenside Hurricane Run at Ridgebow JW (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) nice size, masculine dog, good head & topline, good hindquarters, good jacket, moved OK.
3rd: Irton Morse Code JW (Mr & Mrs D Fryer)
Res: Ravenside Workforce (Mr M Lowry)
VHC: Stoneygin Chestacoppapot (Mr G & Mrs D Rayner)

Open Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1st: Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM (Miss C Spencer) good honest Border with lots to like, lovely otter head, well placed ears, good length of neck running nicely into well placed shoulders, straight front, level topline, well muscled quarters which he uses to advantage on the move.RCC
2nd: CH Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) quality male, correct size & clean outline, good topline & tailset, good head & coat, moved well.
3rd: Solitary Mist (Mr D & Mrs C Hodgson)
Res: Cedarhill Beyond the Stars JW (Mrs C Dean)
VHC: Northborders Mr Pickles JW (Miss J North)

Veteran Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 1 

1st: CH Hollowmoor Coremy (Mrs. A D.Williams) good head & mouth, nice outline, good front & hindquarters, in fit condition, moved out well.
2nd: Diamond Sky's (Mrs Anderson) nice typy bitch with typical head, good neck & shoulders, moved well.
3rd: Thorneyburn Jingle Jangle of Enterlaw (Mr & Mrs J N Walton)
Res: Thorneyburn Minnie the Minx (Mrs M J Wanless)
VHC: Carrickfarm Maddy (Mrs V M Armstrong)

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1st: Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star (Mrs C Dean) pretty feminine head and keen expression, straight forelegs, neat feet, firm pasterns, good outline with good tailset, good coat and moved out well.BPB
2nd: Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) not the head of 1. Nice body lines, good size, good jacket, legs & feet, moved out well.
3rd: Jump Ship to Glebeheath (Mrs J Guvercin)
Res: Borterra Bewitched by Manorcoft (Mr D Y Bean)

Puppy Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1st: Comberdown Thistle (Mr I & Mrs A Higham) lovely head, dark eye, well placed ears, good neck & shoulders, topline & tailset, good turn of stifle, moved true both ways.
2nd: Ruby of Raughton at Loriston (Dr R & Mrs F Wheatley) very attractive rangier bitch, good length of rib, narrow throughout and level topline, moved well.
3rd: Howthwaite in Vogue (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)
Res: Doreen Of Lindale Via Otterbobs (Mr J & Mrs H Gilpin)
VHC: Riseburn Rekindled (Miss C Tutin)

Junior Bitch Entries: 19 Absentees: 3

1st: Ploughdown Portia (Mr & Mrs E Armstrong) lovely young bitch, good head & expression, good front, excellent body & overall proportions, good tail & rear, good coat & condition, moved with drive. One for the future.RCC
2nd: Cedarhill Rising Star At Brankell (Mr P & Miss K Brannan) nice size bitch, narrow throughout, easily spanned, ribbed well back & strong loin, tight feet, moved well.
3rd: Merumhor Misguided Angel (Mr C & Mrs J Martin)
Res: Ridgebow Amberwitch (Mr N Duxbury)
VHC: Ianteg Aurelia (Miss S Richie)

Yearling Bitch Entries: 14 Absentees: 2

1st: Ploughdown Placida (Mr & Mrs E Armstrong) feminine head & expression, good front, well balanced body lines, good hindquarters, neat feet, correct coat, moved out well.
2nd: Manorcroft Rock on Ruby (Mr T & Mrs L Palmer) another balanced & typy bitch of good size with similar quality construction, good head & coat, moved well.
3rd: Baywillow Blue Design (Mrs M B Reeves)
Res: Brumborder Dillicar at Shiftyfox (Mr G Wildey)
VHC: Merumhor Misguided Angel (Mr C & Mrs J Martin)

Special Beginners Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1st: Cedarhill Rising Star At Brankell (Mr P & Miss K Brannan)
2nd: Merumhor Misguided Angel (Mr C & Mrs J Martin)
3rd: Raleniro Lady Esquire (P Thomas)
Res: Peakrunner Follow My Dreams (Mrs H Bates)
VHC: Lairehope Georgianna (Campbell)

Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 16 Absentees: 5

1st: Beaconpike Night Sky At Brackenfell (Mr C & Miss L Hall & Ellis) pretty bitch with good head & expression, good coat, correct rear assembly and narrow throughout, moved well.
2nd: Lady Ann's Joy (Mrs B Pearson) attractive head, good short muzzle, straight front, good outline, moved OK.
3rd: Sulan Look at Me! (Mrs S J Baxter)
Res: Baywillow Brown Braid JW (Mrs G Hyslop)
VHC: Foxfactor Cue The Music JW (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley)

Mid Limit Bitch Entries: 10 Absentees: 5

1st: Merumhor Solstice Belle JW (Mr C J & Mrs J H Martin) very smart, pleasing head, neat front, nice legs & feet, nicely angulated fore & aft, good topline & tailset, correct coat, moved out soundly.
2nd: Irton Enigma (Mr & Mrs D Fryer) strong feminine head, good lay of shoulder, good for size, moved OK.
3rd: Manx Ballavale (Mrs A M Gregory)
Res: Carrickfarm Mika (Mrs V M Armstrong)
VHC: Mystical Girl (Mr D Scattergood & Ms L Hedley)

Limit Bitch Entries: 11 Absentees: 4

1st: Grindelvald Over The Moon at Hemlockstone (Mr R H & Miss J A Bryan & Pounder) lovely outline, good shoulders, ribs well laid back and good reach of neck, straight legs with neat feet, good coat & pelt, moved & showed well.
2nd: Manorcroft Chit Chat (Mr D J Bean) pleasing outline, good head, clean front, racy hindquarters with good angulation, good coat, moved well.
3rd: Thistlestone Jenny Wren ShCM (Miss J & Mr S May & Whisker)
Res: Stineval Santina (Mr & Mrs A Horner)
VHC: Grettacs One And Only (Mr D Scattergood & Ms L Hedley)

Open Bitch Entries: 12 Absentees: 4

1st: CH Foxyard Better Behave At Emblehope (Miss D Bladen) this bitch was in tip-top condition today, feminine head, keen expression, good in neck, shoulder & rib, strong in loin, neat catlike feet, good double coat, moved effortlessly round the ring. Pleased to award her CC & BIS.
2nd:  Tythrop Touch on Wood (Mrs J L Lee) racy bitch, good for size with good ribs carried well back, nice topline, strong in loin, neat feet, moved out well.
3rd:: Picer Hildora (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
Res: Am CH Sulan Easy Does It (Mrs S J Baxter)
VHC: Benattivo Faberge JW (Mr C & Mrs S Girling)

Brace Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st: Stockley - well matched pair.
2nd: Baxter
3rd: Todd

Junior Handling

Judge : Mrs Charlotte Archibald

Class "A"     6 - 11 years  Entries 4: Absentees 4

Class "B"    12 - 16 years Entries 1: Absentees 0

1st Callum Robert Scott  - Best Junior Handler

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