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Championship Show 2016, 26th March, H&H Exhibition Hall, Carlisle

James Wellbeloved

The Club wish to thank James Wellbeloved for their generous sponsorship of our Championship Show

Photographs kindly provided by Joyce Martin Photography 

Judge: Mr Bill Gray (Pontbeck)

Entries: 187 for 211 entries + 10 NFC

Our Judge with his main winners

Reserve Dog CC, Dog CC & BIS, Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Bitch CC,  Bitch CC & RBIS

BIS & DCC & Best Otter Head  Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW

Nord Ch/DK Ch/Nor Ch/SEU CH Clipstone Sail Away

Beaconpike Red Saturn

 Bruadar Girl At Cromlechs

Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Bitch
Chorbeck Gossip Girl At Blackmine

Reserve Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Dog
Shiftyfox Tried And Tested

Oldest Veteran Springhill Pacify of Cobstoneway

Best Blue and Tan Cedarhill Once Upon a Time.

A very big thank you to the club members,committee and officers for the privilege to judge this show for a second time. The club ensured I enjoyed my day with a warm welcome and being attentive to my every need. My stewards efficiency took a good burden from my shoulders and I was allowed to concentrate and assess the dogs.
Coats were a mixed bag from very little to very full but I would just say you can't judge something you can't see. I found it strange that some exhibits were stripped out except for a ridge of top coat running down their spine, creating a good outline is important but you can feel for body shape while handling. Heads were, in the main , very good to excellent with only a few that were lacking true Border character. The breed seems to have got on top of the problem regarding rear movement but front movement still needs to be addressed with a good number of exhibits " throwing their front around ".
I was delighted in my main winners especially BIS. If I have seen a better example of the breed during the many years I've had an interest I can't remember. An outstanding dog in every respect,a true ambassador for Border Terriers and a dog that will be remembered in generations to come. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity of judging him.
The two puppy bitch classes along with junior and yearling bitch were packed with quality and that bodes well for the future.

Special Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 0

Veteran Dog Entries 10 Absentees 2

1st: Minx's Diamond (Mrs N Anderson) Upstanding dog, in fit condition, a solid Border. Showed well and the best mover in the class.
2nd: Ashbrae Fellman At Beaconpike (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) Good red grizzle in fine fettle. Good head, comes to hand well, very much the racy type I like but not as settled on the move as 1st.
Ch Vandamere's Secret Agent JW (Mrs D Phillips) Very sound dog, typical head ,in good coat. A good all round Border but slightly smaller than is my preference.
Res: Ch Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM (Mrs C Dean)
VHC: StBedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine)

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1st: Shiftyfox Tried And Tested (Mr G Wildey) Good straight front, correct otter head, in first class coat of good texture. Looked good in outline with a nice short tail and he moved well both ways, a very promising prospect. 
Best Puppy Dog & Res Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Merumhor Meridian (Mr C & Mrs J Martin) Looks very much a baby and needs to settle on the move but I liked him for breed type and if his movement improves should have a bright future.
Mysulan Going Solo (Mrs S J Baxter) Blue and tan with a good coat and evidence of correct ticking. He moves better behind than in front but again only a baby and this should settle as he matures. I would be happy to be the owner of any of these three promising puppies.
Res: Remony Midnight Rambler (Mrs A E Gregory)
VHC: Arjaybe Toffee Crisp (Mr J & Mrs Y Robinson)

Puppy Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 1

Lairehope Duke Diamante (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian) Grizzle dog of a good size and proportions for age. Nice head, good reach of neck giving him a pleasing outline. Won the class as the most balanced dog.
2nd: Lairehope Highland Chief Of Tweedburn (Mrs C Archibald) My notes say very similar to first and that is not surprising as they are litter brothers. Hard to choose between the two but the 1st was steadier on the move which gave him the class.
Hartswelin Born To Run With Hollinholm (Mr & Mrs Y & J & Miss A Robinson) Best head in the class and standing looked impressive but his movement let him down. If this improves, and he's only a puppy,he will be placed higher.
Res: Haystoun Dragonfly (Mrs D McLeod)
VHC: Chorbeck Chatty Man (Mrs H Haughton)

Junior Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1st: Tyneaster Undercover Agent For Vandamere (Mr S Pollit) Attractive grizzle , up on the leg. Good straight narrow front, nice head with a long neck and length of back which was level. Moves very well in front , his rear movement was erratic but when settled was fine.
2nd: Glenbucket Highland Lad (Mrs M J Alexander) Another up on the leg with plenty of scope. Not much to choose between these two but preferred the extra strength in bone of first.
Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet (Mrs K M Irving) Thought he would be my winner as they strode around the ring. He has the best of jackets and excels in breed type with a most typical head but he wouldn't move. Most unsettled as if something had spooked him whilst in the ring. Couldn't deny him a place because of his lovely outline when standing.
Res: Ridgebow Tracker (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury)
VHC: Stineval Basil Of Cromlechs (Miss K Hamilton)

Yearling Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1st: Tyneaster Undercover Agent For Vandamere 1st in Junior dog
2nd: Irton Mountain Dew (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) Very typical of this kennel and my type of Border. Strong masculine head, plenty of coat with good texture, nothing to dislike but he wasn't as steady on the move which decided the positions.
Carrock Carnegie (Ms J Fawcett) Impressed with his coat and thick loose pelt. Has a nice level top line which he carries on the move. Moved true both ways which gave him 3rd place.
Res: Foxcraig Magic Dyson (Mr G R Sugars)
VHC: Bordurrock Rainbow Rising (Mr D & Mrs E Gillies)

Special Beginners Dog Entries: 1  Absentees: 0

1st: Cedarhill Stargazer JW ShCM (Miss A Speake & Mr H S Speake) Stood alone but deserved his first place. He moves very well fore and aft has the correct coat and pelt. My notes say well muscled and I didn't write that down very often.

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 10  Absentees: 3

1st: Cedarhill Once Upon a Time (Mrs C Dean) Blue & Tan who has matured well since I last judged him. A well balanced dog with a good head, straight front which gave a good picture moving towards you. Nice level topline and tail well set. Best mover in the class. Best blue & tan.
2nd: Tyneaster Undercover Agent For Vandamere  1st in Junior & Yearling
Earthdog Lanyard By Beaconpike JW (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) More my type and size. This dog has a lovely masculine otter head. I liked his rib and body length and looks capable of a day's work. Not as steady on the move cost him a higher placing.
Res: Shiftyfox Blue Moon (Mr P & Mrs F Appleby-Jones)
VHC: Keebank Charlie's Diamond (Mrs L Keeffe)

Mid Limit Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 2

1st: Oxcroft Freelander (Miss J Price) Blue&Tan out of coat today but couldn't deny him the class because of his breed type and soundness. Narrow dog with correct rib, good length of back, loose thick pelt just short of coat to complete the picture.
2nd:Clipstone Starshine (Miss E & Mrs J Jackson) Slightly smaller than 1st an attractive red grizzle in super coat covering a good thick pelt. Very animated, enjoying his day out which may have influenced his movement as he was not as steady as 1st.
Ridgebow Rifleman JW (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Very typical Border, slightly heavier in build that 1st  & 2nd but still spanable. He carries himself well around the ring and was put down in great condition. I preferred the longer cast of  first two.
Res: Cedarhill Stargazer JW ShCM
VHC: Flutorum Artful Dodger (Mr E & Mrs J Castel)

Limit Dog Entries: 15 Absentees: 0

Beaconpike Red Saturn (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) Top quality red grizzle, shown in full double coat of correct harsh texture. Super head on this dog which is typical of this kennel. Good straight narrow front, correct reach of neck and a good length of back. He moved soundly and looked a picture standing. Very pleased to award him the Res Dog CC
2nd: Stineval Napoleon JW (Mr & Mrs A G Horner) Smaller dog put down to perfection, nothing to dislike here. I particularly liked the angulation in his rear legs which gave him a good drive around the ring. My personal preference is for a dog with a little more length of leg and back but there will be others who prefer this type.
Remony Merry Gentleman (Mr K & Mrs H Allison) A similar build to 1st . Sound dog , straight front, good reach of neck and length of back , looked good in profile. Preferred the heads of 1st & 2nd.
Res: Ravenside Rumours About Caldewgate (Mr A E Burke)
VHC: Raleniro Second Time Around (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine & Miss P Thomas)

Open Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 2

Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis)This dog fits the standard in every way. He has the best of heads, good reach of neck, level topline and super thick coat. He moves so well but with a touch of arrogance which makes him stand away from his competitors. So pleased to have judged this dog as he's one in a generation. Dog CC & Best in Show
2nd: Grettacs the Wizard ShCM (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness) Another shown in full coat of good texture. If you have the racy lines of a dog like this you can carry off showing in a full coat without detriment. Lovely head, good length of back and he moved true both ways. Was up against stiff opposition but accounted for himself very well.
3rd: Ru Fin IT Nor CH Cedarhill No Excuse Needed (S A Tyumentseva) I liked this dog very much, hard to criticise as he has everything in the right place which shows in his good movement. My personal preference is for a more racy look as in my first two placings.
Res: Wadesleia Mr Herriot (Mrs H A & Mr A Fletcher)
VHC: Ch Lairehope Lord of the Glen At Tweedburn (Mrs C Archibald)

Veteran Bitch Entries: 11  Absentees: 5

Irton Polka (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) Typical of the breeding from this kennel. Feminine but strong otter head, quality double coat covering a thick loose pelt and sound on the move.
2nd: Springhill Pacify of Cobstoneway (Mrs G Stevens) Not showing her age, still full of life and enjoying her day out. Sweet head, nicely made all through and she stills moves well. A credit to her owner and the breed. Oldest Veteran
Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That (Mrs S J Baxter) It was a very close decision between second and third and I could reverse the placings on another day. I loved her outline whilst standing and on the move she was true, another fine representative of the breed.
Res: Carrickfarm Maddy (Mrs V M Armstrong)
VHC: Diamond Skys (Mrs N Anderson)

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 9  Absentees: 3

1st: Cedarhill Shooting Star (Mrs J Alpe) Very much a baby but it's all there and I wouldn't change a thing. A true mover both ways ,a definite prospect for the future and I'll follow her progress with pleasure.
2nd: Stineval Malizia (Mr A & Mrs C Horner) Very eye catching blue and tan ,super head , everything in proportion and she strode around the ring. I found it difficult to separate the first two but standing  I preferred the tail set and carriage of first.
Ridgebow Ferreter (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury)The future of the breed is bright indeed as the quality of this class was exceptional. Sweet head , looked good standing and on the move. My notes say " nothing to dislike here, one to watch ".
The owners should be very proud of these three puppies.
Res: Nantcoch Mathilde (Mrs J M Phillips)
VHC: Terracao Tilly Trippett At Esyntona (Mr I Hopper)

Puppy Bitch Entries: 12  Absentees: 2

Chorbeck Gossip Girl At Blackmine (Miss TJames & Mrs M Render) Light grizzle with the best of heads, narrow all the way through. She has plenty of scope with a good length of back which is straight as a dye shown by her level topline. Shown in correct coat, this is my type of Border and I'm delighted to give her  Best Puppy Bitch &  Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Akenside Eyebright All Lexmar (Mrs A & Mrs D Hayes) Smaller puppy with a delightful head. An attractive red grizzle well balanced and in proportion. Just lost her topline in the challenge but this is a puppy class.
Brackenfell Double Dutch (J Spence) Very typical example of the breed shown in a full coat with good texture. Liked her head ,straight front and her rear assembly. In fact nothing to dislike at all.
All three have great promise and my notes say " best class so far ".
Res: Mcbrock Chantilly Chateau (Mr K McDowell)
VHC: Imperterrito Agenda By Borderella (Mrs P South)

Junior Bitch Entries: 12 Absentees: 4

Achnagairn Prim N'proper (Mrs A Fraser) This bitch impressed coming into the ring and I was pleased to confirm my thoughts going over her. Correct head, a must have as it's the breeds chief characteristic, plenty of coat with a harsh texture, good in rib and true in movement. A very good example of the breed.
2nd: Bardenfox Pussy Galore JW (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore) Very similar remarks apply to this fine female. Another difficult decision and I wouldn't guarantee that I couldn't reverse the placings on another occasion. The head is the first breed point I notice and this head makes you take notice.

3rd:Picer Flora Mcivor (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering) The third of a trio of super bitches in an outstanding class. Full of breed type , this bitch has a strength about her yet very feminine. When it came down to the wire I just had a preference for the heads of the first two.
Res: Otterpaws Firebird (Miss A Dixon)
VHC:Cobstoneway Love Song (Mrs G Stevens)

Yearling Bitch Entries: 12  Absentees: 5

Bruadar Girl At Cromlechs (Miss K Hamilton) Lovely narrow bitch put down to the minute. Sweet head, good in shoulder, correct reach of neck, level topline and good length of back giving her a racy outline whist standing and carrying her topline well when on the move. Totally my type of Border a deserving winner of the Res Bitch CC
2nd: Irton Scotch Mist (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)
In heavier coat than first and a good example but not as enthusiastic, although that didn't stop her from moving well.Didn't show her socks off but we all have those days.
Heatherdrift Harmony At Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates) Typical sweet feminine head, good double coat and loose pelt essential for a working terrier, not as steady on the move as those above her.
Res: Stowthorney Miss Chief By Northborders (Miss J North)
VHC: Alderseadale Heart Of Gold (Mr D M & Mrs N J Chandler)

Special Beginners Bitch Entries: 6  Absentees: 1

1st: Achnagairn Prim N'proper  1st in Junior Bitch
2nd: Otterpaws Firebird Grizzle in good coat, nice head, moved OK
Brackenfell I Go To Pieces (Mrs T J & Miss C A Lister) More rangy bitch, straight in front and good rear angulation. Built to do a day's work.
Res: Alderseadale Heart Of Gold
VHC: Picer Angelica to Nottorg ShCM (Mr P & Mrs A Taylor)

Post Graduate Bitch  Entries: 24  Absentees: 6

1st: Borderxpress Miss Potter (Mr R Wright) Very narrow bitch, lovely and straight in front, elegant neck into good shoulders carrying on to good length of back. In good coat, lovely outline standing and carrying a level topline on the move. Striking feminine  head to set off the picture. Considered her for the Res CC, my racy type but a little too narrow for a completely balanced dog.
Tarkaswell Doctor's Orders JW (Mrs C E Sansom) Not as racy as the first but a true Border Terrier in every way. A very balanced picture whist standing with good rear angulation used to good effect on the move. Liked her a good deal.
3rd: Achnagairn Red Card (Mrs A Fraser) Her head, coat and pelt secured her third place along with the way she moved coming and going, just would prefer a little more scope as in the first two places.
Res: Brackenfell I Go To Pieces
VHC: Shiftyfox Angel Rosie (Mr P & Mrs F Appleby-Jones)

Mid Limit Bitch Entries: 7  Absentees: 2

1st: Borderxpress Miss Potter  1st Post Grad Bitch
2nd: Bimandi's Bellissima (Mr V J Pearce) Smaller bitch wearing a good coat. Correct in head, liked her level topline and tail set. Moved true with confidence coming and going.
Staynorwood Affinity (Mr G & Mrs C Richardson) Scores in head and rear assembly. Short of coat but what she had was of good texture. Moved OK.
Res: Borderella Snap Dragon (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)
VHC: Comberdown Stitch (Mr I & Mrs A Higham)

Limit Bitch Entries: 11  Absentees: 2 + 1 w/d

Beaconpike Night Sky At Brackenfell  (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis) Racy red grizzle very narrow right through. Good in head, liked her level topline and well set tail. Nicely made rear assembly, which she used to good effect on the move. A very pleasant picture of the female when standing.
2nd: Otterbobs Xolana (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) Slightly heavier set bitch but well within the standard. Shown in her best harsh coat . Not a flashy exhibit but a true Border who would probably prefer to be out doing the job for which she was bred.
Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin' ( Mrs S J Baxter) Blue and tan in good coat with ticking. Correct length of back in proportion to the overall dog. Nice parallel  front legs and a good rear action.A happy showgirl who moved well.
Res: Ploughdown Persephone (Miss C Spencer)
VHC: Glebeheath Maiden Name At Oakyard (Mr J Parry)

Open Bitch Entries: 17  Absentees: 6

 Nord Ch/DK Ch/Nor Ch/SEU Ch Clipstone Sail Away (Mrs A Nilsson)Took my attention coming into the ring, looked really at home and enjoying herself. When asked to move she moves very true and enthusiastically. There were lots of good Borders at the show today but you need that something special to make you stand away from the other exhibits and this girl has got that quality. Super head, shown in harsh coat and thick loose pelt a good level topline and well set tail finishes the picture. One of my easier decisions in awarding her the CC. Bitch CC, BOS & Reserve Best in Show
2nd: Beaconpike In A Storm (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) Another racy bitch with a strong feminine head. She stands four square in the challenge and looks a proper Border. Very much my make and shape but had to give way to first who was determined to win the class.
3rd: Ch Tarkaswell Double Agent JW ShCM (Mrs C E Samsom)
A most attractive dark grizzle who moves very well and confidently around the ring. Nothing for me to dislike here and I can see why she has been elevated to CH of which she should be truly proud but my heart of heart attracts me to those slightly longer cast, as are the first two exhibits.
Res: Comberdown Thistle (Mr I & Mrs A Higham)
VHC: Ch Nantcoch Ffion JW ShCM (Mrs J M Phillips)

Brace Entries: 8  Absentees: 5
1st: Anderson's
2nd: Inness'
3rd: Yeates'

Junior Handling

Judge : Mrs Su Williams (Hollybridge)

Thank you to the club for giving me the opportunity to Judge the Junior Handlers. The future of any breed. I was looking for a smart, calm polished partnership and both girls in this class provided me with that. Overall I feel both have equal potential to go on and be excellent handlers.

Class "A"  
  6 - 11 years  no entries

Class "B"    12 - 16 years Entries 2: Absentees 0

1st: Caitlin Lister Handled her charge with great ease. dressed smartly without distracting from her dog in any way, she moved confidently and never once got in the way of her dog, always showing the dog to its full advantage she managed to anticipate my request on the stop and immediately had her dog in position. 
Both girls have potential to be great handlers and it was a close decision I just felt first gave a slightly more polished performance on the day.  Best Junior Handler

2nd: Abigail Chandler Another good performance, she like the 1st handler was smartly dressed without distracting from the dog at all. Both girls were dressed to compliment the colour of the dogs. She moved out well, again never getting between the dog and the judge and followed my directions to the letter. A little tip try train your dog to not look for food on the table. Although handled well it was a challenge for this handler to stop the dog constantly searching for another titbit while being checked over. That said she managed the situation very well.

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