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Championship Show 2017, 25th March, H&H Exhibition Hall, Carlisle

James Wellbeloved

The Club wish to thank James Wellbeloved for their generous sponsorship of our Championship Show

Photographs kindly provided by Joyce Martin Photography 

Judge: Mrs Margaret Curtis (Matamba)

Entries: 200 for 230 entries + 14 NFC

Our Judge with her main winners

(left to right ) Reserve Best in Show,  Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show

Bitch CC & Reserve BIS ,  Dog CC & BIS  

& DCC & Best Otter Head Karison Kosta 

 Bardenfox Pussy Galore JW 

Glenbucket Highland Lad

 Bruadar Girl At Cromlechs

Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Dog 
Oakyard Out N'about At Dassett

Reserve Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Bitch
Merumhor Blue Jasmine

Best Blue and Tan
Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway JW

Oldest Veteran
Borderella Elsa

Thank you to The Border Terrier Club officers, committee and members who elected to give me the privlege of judging their club championship show, and many thanks to the exhibitors who travelled from near and far and accepted my placings sportingly. Thanks to my two stewards Janice Johnson and Judith Fawcett who did a grand job and also thanks to the hard working Joyce Martin for all the wonderful photographs.

Today the overall picture and my main concern was that we seem to be losing the "Head like that of an otter moderately broad in the skull with short strong muzzle" what I was seeing was a narrow skull which does not give that typical border terrier expression. Movement was more of a problem in the dog classes, in the bitch classes came the quality and the soundness.

When it comes to the showring, presentation is in my opinion important. I like to see a dog smart but not over groomed or in full coat but tidy, today attention to ears, tails and feet could have been beneficial to some exhibits.

Dog CC and Best in Show: Karison Kosta, winner of Limit Dog. Overall picture he is racy very well balanced with a good otter head in all respects, he has a good reach of neck running into a good topline and tail set, easy span right amount of bone with a nice bend of stifle, covers the ground soundly on the move, presented in spot on condition.
Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show: Bardenfox Pussy Galore, winner of Limit Bitch. Quite a fine bitch overall with enough bone, nice body lines, good otter head with a lovely expression, good reach of neck with ribs well back and easy span, great jacket harsh with a thick pelt, moved sound.

Special Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 0

Veteran Dog Entries 13 Absentees 4

Foxcraig Jester (Mr G R Sugars) 11yrs overall a strong dog good breed type strong otter head and expression, coat was harsh but was over groomed in parts, very sound on the move.
2nd: Ch Irton Up Helly Aa (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) 10yrs+ good breed type and a nice size, harsh jacket and good pelt moved ok. Worthy veteran champion, close decision with 1st.
3rd: Ashbrae Fellman At Beaconpike (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) Not so strong in head but a very typical border in every department, sound mover.
Res: Minx's Diamond (Mrs N Anderson)
VHC: StBedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine)

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 0

Baillieswells Glengyle At Glebeheath (Mrs J Guvercin) Nice outline when standing on loose lead, well balanced overall. Good head for his age with neat ears, good length of back, right amount bone, in good coat, moved round the ring well. 
2nd: Tufterslodge Tea N Cake (Ms J M Woolacott) B/T needs to grow into ears but has a nice expression and a strong enough head, good coat and pelt nice topline little straight in stifle, moved ok.
3rd: Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee) Dark grizzle. Head is ok with a good strong muzzel, good length of neck, nice rib good jacket with undercoat mature for his age.
Res: Tojamatt Rhythm N'blues (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)
VHC: Winhaz The One (Mr J C Dixon)

Puppy Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

Oakyard Out N'about At Dassett (Mrs S Spafford) Very smart puppy, lovely expression with nice dark eye and good reach of neck and top line, very well balanced when standing. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Lynsett Lewis (Mr P Armstrong) Harsh blue/tan jacket with good ticking, good strong muzzle, ears look a little big at this stage, not as good in shoulder as winner.
3rd: Karison Red Rock (Miss S Coop) Good otter head with right expression, first class coat and pelt, right amount of bone a little down on pasterns.
Res: Karison Kustard (Miss K Johnson)
VHC: Chorbeck Space Cowboy (Mrs H Haughton)

Junior Dog Entries: 11 Absentees: 3

Oxcroft Jethro (Mr J Price) Realy good otter head strong muzzle and with right expression, good neck topline and rib spanned ok , right amount of bone for size, good feet and pads, move ok.
2nd: Shiftyfox Tried And Tested (Mr G Wildey) Strong head with good expression, exellent jacket and pelt, good length back but a bit over angulated at rear, moved round ok.
3rd: Wintergarden Fly's Finale to Manorcroft (Mr D J Bean) Nice overall type, head and expression good, a little shorter in the back but covered the ground well round the ring.
Res: Achnagairn Baily Sweet (Mrs M Winder)
VHC: Cedarhill Ghost Writer (Mrs M Fleming)

Yearling Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

Lairehope Duke Diamante (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian) Strong head and short muzzle, dark eye with a keen expression. Straight topline looked deep in chest but spanned ok. Moved best in class.
2nd: Lairehope Highland Chief Of Tweedburn (Mrs C A Archibald) nice for size, not the expression and a smaller eye than winner, excellent coat and pelt.
3rd: Hawcoat Mr Fixit (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner) Good blue and tan jacket, with plenty of ticking, broad enough head nice expression, ears a tad big.
Res: Earthdog Outspoken (Mr D Pearson & Ms A Towers)
VHC: Southash Deputy Sheriff At Smurfski (Mr J Yore)

Special Beginners Dog Entries: 5  Absentees: 0

Tyneaster Special Agent (Mrs V Atkinson) Easy winner in this class for type and movement, lovely coat and pelt spanned ok. Overall well balanced.
2nd: Karison Red Rock 3rd in puppy dog.
3rd: Tyneaster Dark Agent (Mrs S F Gill) Overall picture he is up to size. Strong enough in head if a little long in the muzzle, but more attention taken in grooming would give a better overall picture.
Res: Okarito Rafael at Wreighaugh (Mr M & Mrs A J Carr)
VHC: Mosser Fell Lad (Miss S L Stobart & Mr R P Bland)

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 12 Absentees: 1

Grettacs Music Master (Mrs J Littlefair) Very good breed type lovely expression, nice racy outline good reach of neck, good topline right amount of bone for size, spot on in coat and condition and moved round well.
2nd: Fieldsearch Phantom (Mr D Pearson & Ms A Towers) Very much same type as winner, and all the same coments, strong head pity he does not hold his ears to give the expression. Moved ok if just a little wide in front.
3rd: Tyneaster Special Agent 1st in Special Beginners
Res: Markington Apollo (Mrs M Houseman)
VHC: Keebank Charlie's Diamond (Mrs L Keeffe)

Mid Limit Dog Entries: 10  Absentees: 2

Chorbeck Chatty Man JW ShCM (Mrs H Haughton) Overall picture well balanced with nice outline and size, racey with a good reach of neck running into well placed shoulders. Coat and pelt were good, very sound mover.
2nd: Otterwood Caius JW ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee) Not so strong in head as winner but a really great blue and tan jacket, racy outline, nice reach of neck, easy span good top line, sound mover.
3rd: Markington Apollo 4th in Post Grad. Not the movement of 1st and 2nd but racy, nice expression, ears a little big, lovely coat and pelt.
Res: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor ShCM (Mrs H A Metcalfe)
VHC: Stineval Pontiac From Thornheswin (Mr J C Dixon)

Limit Dog Entries: 16 Absentees: 4

Karison Kosta (Miss K Johnson) Dog CC & Best in Show
2nd: Glenbucket Highland Lad (Mrs M J Alexander & Mrs M J & N Anderson)Nothing flashy about this border he is very true to type for our breed, excels in head and expression with strong jaw, good top line, ribs well laid back, span ok. Harsh jacket and thick pelt, very sound and steady mover. Res Dog CC
3rd: Gameway Mcvitie JW (Mrs P Clark) Overall picture good type, not so strong in head as winners and slightly smaller. Ears a little heavy but a good expression with a dark eye, nice straight front and good top line, good jacket and pelt and moved ok.
Res: Ravenside Rumours About Caldewgate (Mr A E Burke)
VHC: Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet JW (Mrs K M Irving)

Open Dog Entries: 6  Absentees: 0

Int Ch / Ir Ch Ploughdown Plato (Mr E & Dr M Armstrong) Racy in outline with a good blue and tan jacket, harsh with right amount of ticking he has a strong enough head and jaw but would like his ears closer to his cheek to give better expression. Reach of neck and topline is good, up to size but overall picture he is a well balanced dog. Moved ok.
2nd: Benattivo Betfred (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling) Not so racy as winner, strong head and keen expression, excellent jacket and thick pelt lovely topline and tail set spanned ok.
3rd: Cedarhill Once Upon a Time (Mrs C Dean) Overall picture very smart and a nice type, has a good blue and tan jacket thick pelt and plenty of ticking, lovely expresssion, good topline and tail, would just prefer a little more up on the leg. Moved ok.
Res: Ch Ottaswell Palamedes (Mr D & Mrs G M Hunt)
VHC: Wadesleia Mr Herriot (Mrs H A & Mr A Fletcher)

Veteran Bitch Entries: 10  Absentees: 4

Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway JW (Mrs P Clark) 8yrs+ worthy Champion winning the best blue and tan jacket award today. She fits the standard well, moves very sound but lacked a little drive today. Best blue & tan
2nd: Hollowmoor Casilva (Mrs A D Williams) Liked this bitch for type, strong but femine head, good reach of neck, nice top line, easy span good coat and pelt right amount of bone and neat feet, moved ok.
3rd: Seymours Bubble And Squeak For Raleniro ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine) Strong head with a nice dark eye, ears a little big, moved ok which gave her the 3rd placement in this class.
Res: Achnagairn Wild Card (Mrs A Fraser)
VHC: Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski (Mr J  Yore)

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 12  Absentees: 2

Merumhor Blue Jasmine (Mr C & Mrs J Martin) Super blue and tan jacket, lovely head and expression running into a good neck and topline, her body lines are so well balanced with the right shape and length of tail, moved ok for age. Best Puppy Bitch & Res Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Dandyhow Heather Honey (Mrs K M Irving) Not quite so mature as 1st but a very smart puppy standing, femine head  which will inprove with age and when she grows into her ears. Keen expression, not the body length of winner and would have liked to see a better bend of stifle but overall picture for a minor puppy was ok.
3rd: Tarkaswell Smart Thinking (Mrs C E Sansom) Pleasing head and expression ears a little large at this stage  same sort of comments as 2nd, realy nice jacket and pelt.
Res: Gameway China Girl (Mrs P Clark)
VHC: Achnagairn Touch Of Class (Mrs A Fraser)

Puppy Bitch Entries: 14  Absentees: 4

Ridgebow Pendle Witch (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Very mature for age, real otter type head, good length of neck running smoothly into topline,  good blue and tan jacket and pelt, tail well set on and of the right shape and length, moved well.
2nd: Glenbucket Sandy's Glinty at Lairehope (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian) One of the best heads seen today real otter type head with a strong muzzle and right expression ,overall body shape at this age is ok. Only evidence of under coat today, moved well.
3rd: Karison Krumble (Miss K Johnson) Nice overall type, good flow through neck on to the topline,narrow through the body, covers the ground well on the move.
Res: Fisherbloom Diaboli At Otterwood (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)
VHC: Kentixen Mystery (Mr C Tait)

Junior Bitch Entries: 20 Absentees: 6

Ploughdown Paloma (Mr E & Dr M Armstrong) Strong in head with neat ears and dark eye which gives a very good expression. Body lines are racy with good rib, nice topline. Overall picture seems to stand very upright. Moved sound.
2nd: Ridgebow Rusty Rivet (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Head and expression  was ok, racy with a good topline and tail well set on. Little straight in shoulder but moved ok, first class jacket and pelt, overall well balanced.

3rd: Northborders Lady Mary (Miss J North) Lovely head and expression and first class blue and tan jacket, good topline, overall picture smart bitch but stands very upright in front assembly.
Res: Bardenfox Octopussy (Mr I & Mrs J Broomhead)
VHC: Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath (Mrs A Heathcote)

Yearling Bitch Entries: 11  Absentees: 0

Benattivo Fire Flower (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling) Good breed type liked her head and express, good length of body, nice bone lovely neat feet. Coat and pelt good in lovely condition, moved round well.
2nd: Charlie's Copycat Via Otterbobs (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) Good otter head and with the right expression, good topline, tail well set on, nice jacket and pelt, stands very upright  in the front, moved ok.
3rd: Southash Annie Oakley At Smurfski (Mr J Yore) Good enough head, ears are a little big but lovely dark eye and strong jaw and nice expression, angulation both front and back a little steep.
Res: Akenside Electra (Mrs L Gosling)
VHC: Achnagairn Tutti Frutti (Mrs A Fraser)

Special Beginners Bitch
Entries: 8  Absentees: 2

Achnagairn Tutti Frutti VHC in Yearling. Very typical border in type in all departments good harsh jacket right amount of bone,a little down on pasterns when stood.Ok on the move.
2nd: Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor (Mrs H A Metcalfe) Very similar comments to winner, this bitch had a good reach of neck and topline good coat and pelt, stood and showed well.
3rd: Dexlin Salix (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness) Little fine overall than 1st and 2nd and a little deeper in chest, presented in good condition with a good jacket and pelt.
Res: Beaconpike Northern Lights (Mr P & Mrs A Kennon)
VHC: Earthdog Native (Miss L A M & Mrs E A Webb)

Post Graduate Bitch
 Entries: 19  Absentees: 7

Achnagairn Prim N'proper (Mrs A Fraser) Overall a nice balanced bitch very typical and a lovely type, good head and expression, looks deep in chest but spans ok. in a good jacket and pelt has nice bend of stifle. Moved round the ring well.
2nd: Southash Finding Bliss (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam) Not so strong in head as winner, nice size and ease span good reach of neck. Harsh coat and good tail. 
3rd: Cedarhill Shooting Star (Mrs J Alpe) A little smaller in size. Good head and expression and nice overall type, in full coat, looks a little straight in stifle when standing.
Res: Brankell Double Or Quits JW (Mr P Brannan & Miss M Kelly)
VHC: Picer Flora McIvor JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

Mid Limit Bitch
Entries: 10  Absentees: 1

Bruadar Girl At Cromlechs (Miss K Hamilton) Strong but feminine head lovely expression and dark eye,with nice bone, standing right up on her toes today, span ok ribs well back great topline, harsh jacket thick pelt, moved sound, was spot on for condition.  Res Bitch CC
2nd: Tarkaswell Doctor's Orders JW ShCM (Mrs C E Sansom) Pressed the winner hard just a little heavy in ears but a nice expression, good straight front, good reach of neck and topline, good bend of stifle but handler sometimes tends to over stretch her when standing, moved ok.
3rd: Borderxpress Miss Potter (Mr R Wright) Racy in outline narrow body looks deep in chest but span's ok, coat harsh nice top line when stood.
Res: Otterwood Domina Candesco JW (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)
VHC: Borderella Snap Dragon (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

Limit Bitch Entries: 9  Absentees: 5

Bardenfox Pussy Galore JW (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore) Bitch CC, BOS & Reserve Best in Show

2nd: Ploughdown Persephone (Miss C Spencer) Nice type of bitch just a bit up to size for me, fits the standard and a lot to like about her. Good bone neat feet, topline is good and can span, good harsh coat. Moved ok.
3rd: Achnagairn Red Card (Mrs A Fraser) Strong bitch overall steady on the move stands a little wide in front, in good harsh jacket.
Res: Ianteg Aurelia (Miss S Richie)

Open Bitch Entries: 9  Absentees: 1

Ch Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star JW (Mrs C Dean )Worthy champion fits the standard well from head to tail, well balanced throughout presented in first class condition.
2nd: Ch Otterbobs Xolana (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) Another good champion worthy of her title same comments as 1st, just preferred bend of stifle on winner.
3rd: Ch Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM (Ms S Ritchie) Another champion,who has a lovely outline and body lines and in super condition.
Res: Beaconpike Night Sky At Brackenfell (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis)
VHC: Foxcraig Touch Of Magic For Dexlin (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness)

Brace Entries: 14  Absentees: 6
1st: Ch Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM / Ianteg Aurelia
2nd: Totherend Blue Jean Topsy / Totherend Blue Jean Genie
3rd: Karison Kustard / Karison Krumble
Res: Bardenfox Octopussy / Bardenfox Licence to Kill
VHC: Hawcoat Mr Fixit / Hawcoat U Go Girl

Junior Handling

Judge : Mrs Carolyn Richardson (Staynorwood)

Class "A"  
  6 - 11 years  

1st: Lucy Rose Johnson-Storey

Class "B"    12 - 16 years

1st: Caitlin Lister  Best Junior Handler

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