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Championship Show 2018, 31st March, H&H Exhibition Hall, Carlisle

James Wellbeloved

The Club wish to thank James Wellbeloved for their generous sponsorship of our Championship Show

Photographs kindly provided by Joyce Martin Photography 

Judge: Ms. Lesley Gosling (Akenside)

Entries: 198 for 221 entries + 14 NFC

Our judge with her main winners

Best In Show
& Bitch CC Ch Otterbobs Xolana

Reserve BIS & Reserve Bitch CC
 Brankell Double Or Quits JW

Best Opposite Sex & Dog CC
Oakyard Out N'About At Dassett

Reserve Dog CC
Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Dog  Ridgebow Two Hoots

Reserve Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Bitch
Goxfell Reivers Rose

Best Otter Head Glenbucket Mags Lexie

Best Blue and Tan Goxfell Reivers Rose

Oldest Veteran
Diamond Skys

My grateful thanks to the BTC for the invitation to judge the annual Championship show and my thanks to my efficient stewards who were kept busy.  I was astonished to see from my catalogue, as I prepared my critique, how far exhibitors had travelled, particularly with the unpredictable weather we are experiencing. Thank you all for coming.

Movement is improving. There are still are some upright shoulders and poor rear angulation.  Size is incredibly variable and as this breed has a strong working heritage  some exhibits would struggle to get into any fox earth. I would like to see more muscle tone on back ends. The opportunities to work Borders may have diminished, but the breed standard is our template and we should stick to it or we will have classes filled with ‘showing fools.’

Don’t chalk coats to harden them. Your judges will find it. It’s unnecessary - don’t let it become a fashion. A good coat needs no embellishments and good coats on the day were excellent coats. Coats will grow but in the process may miss out on top honours at a Championship show. We all want our dogs to have their best coats on a show day, but the two things don’t always coincide. I also appreciated that coats kept going for Crufts recently had then been stripped out.

Quality and breed type were lacking in some exhibits. Young heads need time at puppy stage but some young males were disappointing. One puppy dog was chronically thin. Puppies should be puppy-ish, carry a bit of weight and be happy in the ring and socialised. The Exhibition Hall is noisy and some pups are fazed by unusual sounds, but I’m pleased to say that temperaments were excellent. I dislike seeing youngsters being strung up - dancing on their toes - and having their leads jerked to keep their attention, or to get them walking in a straight line. Try talking to your dog on the move and loosen those leads.

I have expressed an opinion on baiting before, and I will keep doing it until exhibitors take note, or I die pleading.  Baiting a dog on the table unbalances the dog, gets in the way of the judge doing his/her job properly when it comes to checking the bite, and distracts the dogs completely. Borders are especially curious of strangers who approach, so the table contest for them becomes ‘bait’ or ‘stranger.’  A judge doesn’t want to waste time getting the dog’s attention away from bait. Practice getting the stance correct on a table without bait. Please - keep your bait until the dog is on the floor.  

All males were entire; scissor bites generally were very good but some varied from a level bite, to the odd missing or chipped tooth and a couple of slightly wry mouths, but teeth were well presented and clean. There was just one kinked tail.

The best exhibits were exceptionally good.  Eyes were dark and of good shape, bright and healthy. The good coats were tight, crisp and of great texture. Movement was impressive on the whole – straight and true - and almost all dogs were spannable. Sadly, not enough cards to go round and in some of the senior classes of both sexes, there were beautiful exhibits in tremendous condition, which could change places at any time. Their owners are to be congratulated.

Special Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 0

Veteran Dog Entries 8 Absentees 1

1st: Ch/ Am,Can Ch Cedarhill Beyond the Stars JW (re-import) (Mrs C Dean) Pleasing outline on this lovely, quality grizzle Border, with a typical head & expression. His coat was tight and crisp. His feet neat, small and his movement sound in both directions. No exaggerations. Level topline and tailset.
2nd: Ch Lairehope Lord of the Glen At Tweedburn (Mrs C A Archibald) Slightly deeper in chest, but good body length. Strode out well and positively. Lovely head and expression with a coat of correct depth and texture.
3rd: Ch Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM (Miss C Spencer) Well known, strong-headed dog moving out soundly on excellent feet. Very good coat and breed type.
Res: Merumhor Midwinter JW (Mr G & Mrs H McKenzie)
VHC: Irton Morse Code JW (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

Minor Puppy Dog
Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

Rocksam At Raisbeck (Mrs G Hyslop) Excellent size and well balanced. Very good coat and coat texture. Typical head and varminty expression. Level topline and good tailset held on the move. Will watch his progress with interest.
2nd: Northborders Marlon Brando (Miss J North) Smart, spannable boy, taller than the winner. Good coat. Promising head and lovely expression. Topline and tailset level on the move and he moved out well.
3rd: Thornheswin New Beginning (C Boyd) Seven mth blue & tan puppy whose head just developing.  Very attentive to his handler. Body length OK. Coat texture good and moves out on good neat feet.
Res: Billyboy Blue At Chevinor (Mrs H A Metcalfe)
VHC: Twigglestone Steps To Heven (Mrs L Aldous)

Puppy Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

Ridgebow Two Hoots (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Loved this boy when he entered the ring. Perfect balance of body length and overall size. Super masculine head and expression; Big teeth and good dentition. At 10 months he is spannable, well muscled but not overdone. Moved out accurately and positively, driving well from a correct rear assembly. Tremendous double coat of good weatherproof texture and depth. Level topline and short carrot tail well set on. I look forward to watching his progress. Delighted to award Reserve Dog CCBest Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show 
2nd: Dandyhow Captain Morgan (Mrs K M Irving) A smaller exhibit than the winner, but similar remarks apply regarding coat texture, headpiece and movement. He falls away very slightly at the croup, but presents an otherwise attractive outline. Not overdone in any way.
3rd: Brackenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere (Mr S Pollit) Another red grizzle in this class.  Coat just coming in.  Large masculine head with excellent dentition.  Moved OK.
Res: Sweeping Is This Your Final Answer Awbrooksky (Mr R & Miss L Goddard)
VHC: Ianteg Cream Cookie (Mrs C Baker)

Junior Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 0

Otterpaws Mountain High (Mr & Mrs G Birrel) Rich red jacket in great condition and of correct texture.  Good typical masculine head and expression; good teeth with perfect bite.  Well balanced and spannable . Moved out well.
2nd: Brackenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere 
3rd: Remony For A' That (Mrs A E Gregory) Light grizzle, heavier than the winner. Head OK; dentition very good.  Another very good double coat. Moved out positively. Neat feet and level topline.
Res: Keebank Jack Frost (Mr S Russell & Miss D Maynard)
VHC: Ravenside Chabadabada (Mr I MacLagan)

Yearling Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

Oakyard Out N'About At Dassett (Mrs S Spafford) Racy, elegant but masculine red youngster caught my eye as he stood in the line-up. Handled sparingly, he moved easily and positively round the ring on tight, neat feet, driving strongly from behind with plenty of reach, covering the ground well. Lovely masculine head, not overdone, keen varminty expression, good strong teeth and correct bite. Coat of correct depth and texture. I would have like a thicker tail, but it completed the picture. Delighted to award Dog CC & Best Opposite Sex 
2nd: Howthwaite in Voice (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett) Grizzle male full of energy and slightly heavier than the winner, this exhibit carried another great coat of correct depth and texture. Good head and dentition, good reach of neck into front assembly. Neat feet, good topline and tailset.
3rd: Lynsett Lewis (Mr P Armstrong) B/t youngster showing well, but short of coat today, good topline and tailset. Small neat feet. Lovely head, correct scissor bite and keen expression.
Res: Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raedwulf (Mrs V Atkinson)
VHC: Karison Kustard (Miss K Johnson)

Special Beginners Dog Entries: 3  Absentees: 0

Carrickfarm Magnus (Mrs M Armstrong) Red male of good size.  Coat OK. Enough bone, neat feet and moved out soundly and confidently.
2nd: Twigglestone Steps To Heven Light red, older male with a great coat and pelt.  Typical Border head and keen expression.
3rd: Tyneaster Dark Agent (Mrs S F Gill) Blue & tan, short of coat today.  Body shape OK, good bone but feet could be tighter. Good head and expression.

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 17 Absentees: 3

Cedarhill Authorisation (Mrs J Alpe) Grizzle dog put down well. Perfect size, spannable and moved out positively. Tight neat feet and level topline/tail. Keen expression and correct scissor bite in typical breed headpiece.
2nd: Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood (Mr & Mrs M Hollingsbee) Another BT of correct size and spannable, but lacked depth of coat today. Moved out steadily and positively.  Good rear assembly. Feet neat and tight with thick pads.
3rd: Glebeheath Smash N'grab At Jordith (Mrs L M I & Mr A M Jordan-Smith) Lovely head on this male and perfect double coat  of correct texture and depth. Good feet and moved out positively with level topline.
Res: Merumhor Meridian (Mr & Mrs C J Martin)
VHC: Lairehope Topaz Design (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Mid Limit Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 0

Clipstone Starshine (Miss E & Mrs J Jackson) Dark grizzle in hard condition with super outline and superb crisp double jacket. Strongly headed dog with keen, interested expression. Spannable and positive on the move.
2nd: Chorbeck Chatty Man JW ShCM (Mrs H Haughton). Light grizzle, easily spanned dog with good head, correct bite  and keen expression. Perfect topline and tailset carried level on the move.
3rd: Alcumlow Parsley (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber) A lighter frame than second placed dog, but very typical breed type. Keen expression and moved out well keeping topline level. Would have liked a harsher top coat.
Res:Thornheswin Red Ruffian (Mr J C Dixon)
VHC: Bristoc Rock The Boat at Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates)

Limit Dog Entries: 13 Absentees: 1

Quality was excellent throughout this class and several very good dogs went cardless.

1st: Stineval Basil Of Cromlechs ShCM (Miss K Hamilton) Striking b/t put down to perfection. In great condition and although not a heavy coat, texture was good and crisp. Good bend of stifle, balanced, I would have liked him stronger in bone throughout, but a worthy winner today. Lovely head and expression and moved out parallel and decisively.
2nd: Cedarhill Ghost Writer JW (Mrs M Fleming) Another lovely breed example of correct size. Easily spanned. Double coat of correct texture. Strong head with typical mischievous expression and good scissor bite. Moved out strongly and confidently.
3rd: Ridgebow Tracker (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Rear movement let him down today. Great coat and coat texture. Spannable, with typical BT head and expression. Perfect scissor bite.  
Res: Lairehope Highland Chief Of Tweedburn (Mrs C A Archibald)
VHC: Glenbucket Highland Lad (Mrs M J Alexander)

Open Dog Entries: 12  Absentees: 3

Int Ch / Ir CH Ploughdown Plato (Mr E & Dr M Armstrong) Well known, strong  4yr b/t, shown in beautiful condition and well muscled. Well balanced, with good bone, extending to neat tight feet. Perfect scissor bite in typical breed type head. Moved out well.
2nd: Daluce King Of Emotion (Mr J & Mrs H M Thomas) Grizzle male in good order throughout. Easily spanned, good rear angulation on the move. Expressive head with correct bite. Good coat.
3rd: Howthwaite Grainsgill (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett) Tall male, but full of breed type. Lovely head and expression. Narrow and spannable, kept his level topline moving out; full of energy. Good double jacket.
Res: Ch Karison Kosta (Miss K Johnson)
VHC: Ch Kgills King Of Swing At Awbrooksky (Mr R & Miss L Goddard)

Veteran Bitch Entries: 12  Absentees: 7

A lovely class of senior ladies!

1st: Seymours Bubble And Squeak For Raleniro ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine) 9yrs narrow and easily spanned  bitch; good body length and excellent pelt. Rather straight behind. Sweet feminine head and expression, good bone and neat tight feet.
2nd: Hollowmoor Casilva (Mrs A D Williams)10yrs old and slightly heavier than the winner but very attractive breed type. Excellent pelt and top coat. Moved out well. Lovely head and expression.
3rd: Diamond Skys (Mrs N Anderson) the oldest veteran aged 13 and loving her day out. Moved round the ring with a real spring in her step, belying her years. Still evidence of a great double coat. Sweet head and alert expression.
Res: Carrickfarm Mika ShCM (Mrs V M Armstrong)
VHC: Baywillow Brown Braid JW ShCM (Mrs G Hyslop)

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 8  Absentees: 1

Very promising puppies forward in this class.

1st: Goxfell Reivers Rose (Mrs J A Stamp & Mr D C Joyce) 7mth b/t bitch with a stunning, fully ticked harsh jacket, best of all the b/ts here today, which won her the Best Blue and Tan prize. Feminine, easily spanned, perfect size and although her head is still developing, she has that terrier varminty expression. She moved away with plenty of drive from good rear angulation,  good tail carriage and a level topline. Enough bone, good feet and thick pads.Best Puppy Bitch & Reserve Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Otterbobs Duchess (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)Lovely clear grizzle puppy with excellent double jacket and thick pelt. Good bone for ideal size and well balanced right through. Typey head with keen expression. Good topline on the move, good tail and tailset.
3rd: Thornheswin Thats My Girl (Mr J C Dixon) Nervous, raw baby today, will calm down with more time and more socialising. Once on the move, she settled down and moved out well. Pretty red pup, narrow and neat. Easy to span, sweet head and expression.
Res: Rexlands Fieldfare (Mrs D Pearson)
VHC: Glebeheath Fingers Crossed For Ottaswell (Mr D & Mrs G M Hunt)

Puppy Bitch Entries: 7  Absentees: 4

Thorneyburn So and So (Mrs M Wanless) 10mth grizzle with plenty of jacket. Sweetest of heads and interested  expression. Eyes dark and bright; correct scissor bite. Enough bone, but rather short of body length. Good neat feet and moved out well and confidently.
2nd: Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer At Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates) 11mth Blue and tan  bitch out of coat today but of good size,  and good body length. Good typical head and expression.Topline level on the move.
3rd: Chorbeck Cosmic Girl (Mrs H Haughton) Up to size 10mth red bitch with good coat and pelt. Head still developing; correct  scissor bite. Good feet and moved out well, driving strongly from behind.

Junior Bitch Entries: 14 Absentees: 3

Nantcoch Field Skipper (Mrs J M Phillips) Lovely grizzle bitch. Spanned easily and moved parallel, driving well. Good neat feet. Typical breed head and good scissor bite.
2nd: Alcumlow Heather At Sensevalley (Mr D & Mrs C Payne) 

Another good sized bitch with attractive head and correct scissor bite. Coat of good texture, spannable and had enough bone, with good tight feet.
3rd: Keebank Snow Queen (Mrs L Keeffe) Handy sized racy bitch with excellent pelt and coat of good texture.  She moved off well round the ring and had good balance.
Res: Kelcraig Demora (Mr R M & Mrs H Rowland)
VHC: Carrickfarm Macey (Mrs V M Armstrong)

Yearling Bitch Entries: 18  Absentees:  4 + 1 w/d

Ridgebow Pendle Witch (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Another attractive youngster from this kennel. B/t in great jacket and pelt. She was balanced and easy to span. Driving, not reaching, on the move, she was confident and alert. Good expressive face and correct scissor bite. Good topline and tail carriage.
2nd: Achnagairn Touch Of Class (Mrs A Fraser) Slightly larger than the winner, this grizzle bitch – like the class winner -  was sporting a super double jacket with plenty of protective depth. Good head and expression. Correct scissor bite. Confident on the move.
3rd: Dowgri Demelza ShCM (Mr W & Mrs T J Baird) Another typey bitch with a typical BT expressive and attractive head. Good jacket, level topline and good tail and tailset. Spanned easily.
Res: Chorbeck Angel Eyes (Mrs H Haughton)
VHC: Merumhor Blue Jasmine (Mr C & Mrs J Martin)

Special Beginners Bitch
Entries: 9  Absentees: 2 + 1 w/d

Achnagairn Tutti Frutti (Mrs A Fraser) Another well coated bitch from this kennel, whose bitches always appear to have just hopped off the fell. Like her kennelmates, unremarkable at a glance, but a real pleasure to go over. In hard condition, but spannable and workmanlike, Balanced with enough bone, well shaped head with keen expression, correct bite. Tail hair stripped a bit too much today, but set on a good level topline. Excellent neat feet. Moved out well.
2nd: Twigglestone Elfenor JW ShCM (Mrs L Aldous) Short of coat today but of a good size with a very attractive head and correct scissor bite. Movement was confident and parallel.
3rd: Wings of Speed at Otterpaws (Miss A Dixon) B/t out of coat today. Lovely feminine head and correct scissor bite. Spannable. Falls away slightly at the croup, but moved out well.
Res: Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer At Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates)
VHC: Carrickfarm Mhairi (L Templeman & C Comben)

Post Graduate Bitch  Entries: 20  Absentees: 5

Cedarhill Shooting Star (Mrs J Alpe) Another well balanced, neat bitch from this kennel and handled to perfection. Easy to span,  good body length, coat texture good and harsh. Sweet head and expression, correct scissor bite. Narrow front and level topline on the move. Short carrot tail.
2nd: Brackenfell Double Dutch At Foxwater (Mrs J Spence) Rather taller and longer than the winner, this showy red grizzle bitch has a lovely head. Sporting a correct harsh jacket and thick pelt she has enough bone with tight feet and thick pads. She moved out well and easily. 
3rd: Achnagairn Prim N'proper (Mrs A Fraser) Grizzle bitch in tremendous coat and pelt. Toenails needed attention, but she was in great condition for a day’s work. Well balanced, she spanned easily and moved out well covering the ground.
Res: Bordurrock Tarot Woman (Mr D R & Mrs E J Gillies)
VHC: Totherend Blue Jean Genie (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)

Mid Limit Bitch Entries: 6  Absentees: 3

Howthwaite Gold Dust (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett) Well coated b/t bitch in very good harsh jacket.  Stylish and free moving, she had a beautiful head with little stop and a lovely expression. Correct scissor bite. Well set ears and good reach of neck into narrow well angulated shoulders; easily spanned. Neat tight feet and good reach on the move.
2nd: Bordurrock Shoot To Thrill (Mr D R & Mrs E J Gillies) Red bitch in good jacket and spannable.  Attractive head but appeared (because of lack of furnishings) to have no lower jaw, but bite was correct!  Well balanced, she moved out well, covering the ground confidently.
3rd: Caznray Just A Mystery From Thornheswin (Mr J C Dixon) Red bitch, out of coat today. Good head with varminty expression. Correct bite. Spannable with good balance throughout. Neat feet and moved OK.

Limit Bitch Entries: 10  Absentees: 0

Tojamatt Debutante For Dowgri ShCM (Mr W & Mrs T J Baird) Perfect size, stylish grizzle 6yr old bitch. Excellent pelt and jacket. Sweet feminine head with correct scissor bite. Good reach of neck into sloping shoulders and narrow front. Level topline and good tail well set on. Easy to span, she moved out well with plenty of reach and parallel front and back.

2nd: Northborders Lady Mary (Miss J North) B/t 2yr old bitch oozing class and similar remarks apply as to the winner who scored on coat today. Lovely outline, well balanced, spannable, not overdone in any way. Clean, narrow front.Confident on the move, she had a typical BT head and correct bite.
3rd: Cobstoneway Love Song JW ShCM (Mrs G Stevens) Grizzle 4 yr old bitch and again, similar remarks apply as to the other two bitches, who could all change places at any time they meet again. Quality bitch with a great jacket, topline and balance. Lovely feminine head and expression. Correct scissor bite and faultless on the move.
Res: Ridgebow Rusty Rivet (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury)
VHC: Achnagairn Red Card (Mrs A Fraser)

Open Bitch Entries: 16  Absentees: 7

Ch Otterbobs Xolana (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) A bitch I had seen beforeand had yet to judge. I liked her as a puppy and she didn’t disappoint today. Beautiful dark grizzle bitch, not overdone in any way; perfect balance on the table with a tip top double jacket in great condition. Lovely typical Border head with dark expressive eyes, correct head proportions and scissor bite. Ear placement was good with neat ears, good reach of neck into clean shoulders. A parallel front and spannable ribcage. Level topline and good carrot tail well set on.  On the floor she moved out easily, covering the ground well, moving parallel both front and back and working perfectly with her handler/ breeder/owner. Delighted to award her Bitch CC & Best In Show
2nd: Brankell Double Or Quits JW (Mr P Brannan & Miss M Kelly) Another lovely bitch unlucky to meet the winner today. Light red bitch with attractive dark points. Exceptional topline and tailset. Easy to span and well balanced. Lovely head with keen expression, good reach of neck into clean lay of shoulder; correct scissor bite. Not overdone in any way. Moved out confidently and parallel. Pleased to give her Reserve Bitch CC & Reserve BIS
Ch Bruadar Girl At Cromlechs (Miss K Hamilton) Lovely grizzle bitch with excellent jacket and pelt. Good overall size, spannable, balanced and handled well. Confident and steady on the move, she covered the ground well.  Liked her head and expression.
Res: Ch Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM (Ms S Ritchie)
VHC: Ch Chorbeck Gossip Girl At Blackmine JW (Miss James & Mrs M Render)

Brace Entries: 8  Absentees: 5
1st: Otterpaws Muninn / Otterpaws Mountain High
2nd: Carrickfarm Mika ShCM / Carrickfarm Mara
3rd: Totherend Blue Jean Topsy / Totherend Blue Jean Genie

Junior Handling

Judge : Mrs Hilary Gilpin (Otterbobs)

Only three juniors today but three very confident handlers.

Class "A"     6 - 11 years  

1st: Eva Purdie, youngest on the day and best handler on the day, she knew how to connect with her dog and moved her dog how I asked her to move. Well done.   Best Junior Handler

Class "B"    12 - 16 years

1st: Lauren Goddard, corrected my deliberate moved hind leg on the table, well noticed.  Very attentive handler knew where to finish her triangle, and shadowed beautifully.

2nd: Caitlin Lister, very very close decision between these two, excellent handler also noted me deliberately standing her dog wrong on the table. moved and shadowed correctly.


These three should enjoy many more years handling their dogs and competing at the highest level. Well done to all three.

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