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Open Show, 22nd February 2020, Jedburgh 

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The Club wish to thank CSJ for their generous sponsorship of our Open Show.

Photographs kindly provided by Joyce Martin Photography

Judge: Anne Speake

Entries: 143 dogs for 182 entries + 5 nfc 

Our Judge with her main winners.

BIS & Best Dog Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean)

Reserve BIS, BOS & Best Bitch Irton Sovay (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

Reserve Best Dog Tojamatt Rhythm N'blues at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V L Atkinson)

Reserve Best Bitch Smurfski Seismic Bliss ( Mr J Yore)

BPIS & Best Puppy Dog Beaconpike Poseidon (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

BOSPIS & Best Puppy Bitch Pipruda Metling Moment (Mrs J Alpe)

Best Veteran Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star (Mrs C Dean)

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1  

1st: Beaconpike Poseidon (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show

2nd: Akenside Graphite (Mrs J Collis)

3rd: Pete's Prince Piper (Mrs M Alexander)
Res: Kief The Second (Mrs J Blakey)

Puppy Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st: Hollexby Travellin Man (Mr P Appleby)

2nd: Holmelyne Cumbria Sweep (Mrs J Blakey)

Junior Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 1

1st: Whittonglebe Kaiser (Mr G R Sugars)

2nd: Lairehope Starman (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

3rd: Thornheswin Ring Of Fire (Mr J C Dixon)
Res: Hollexby Travellin Man
VHC: Holmelyne Cumbria Sweep

Special Beginners Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st: Kief The Second

Maiden Dog Entries: 3  Absentees 1

1st: Holmelyne Cumbria Sweep

2nd: Elderthorne Ace In The Pack (Mrs E A & MIss L A M Webb)

Novice Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 1

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 6

1st: Cedarhill Dish Of The Day For Dexlin (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness)

2nd: Otterpaws Mountain High (Mr & Mrs G Birrel)

3rd: Kalebank Harvester (Mrs S Portsmouth)

Limit Dog Entries: 13 Absentees: 4

1st: Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean) Best Dog and Best in Show

2nd: Brackenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere JW (Mr S Pollit)

3rd: Otterpaws Muninn (Mr & Mrs G Birrel)

Res: Cashelrock Black Bush (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore)
VHC: Lynsett Lewis (Mr P Armstrong)

Open Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st: Tojamatt Rhythm N'blues At Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson) Reserve Best Dog

2nd: Lairehope Highland Chief Of Tweedburn (Mrs C A Archibald)

3rd: Lairehope Duke Diamante (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Res: Raleniro Second Time Around ShCM ShCEx (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine & Miss P Thomas)
VHC: Glenbucket Highland Reel (Mrs M J Alexander)

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 10 Absentees: 3

1st: Pipruda Melting Moment (Mrs J Alpe) Best Puppy Bitch and Best Opp Sex to BPIS

2nd: Achnagairn Class Act (Mrs A Fraser)

3rd: Beaconpike Astrea (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Res: Thornheswin Sparks Will Fly (Mr J C Dixon)
VHC: Lily Grace At Mayfellden (A Dent Burney)

Puppy Bitch Entries: 8  Absentees: 2 + 1 w/d

1st: Raedwulf Nocturn (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

2nd: Raedwulf Sunset (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

3rd: Lairehope Lucky Jewel (M P & Mrs K Lothian)

Res: Hollexby Heartbreaker At Tinkletop (Mrs L Templeman)
VHC: Lynsett Miss Mable At Sharrale (Mrs D & Mr J Bowman)

Junior Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1st: Brankell Countdown To Flegato (Mrs M Fleming)

2nd: Twigglestone Victorious (Mrs C A Archibald)

3rd: Lairehope Ocean Charm (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Res: Whittonglebe Keira (Mr G & Mrs J Mackenzie)
VHC: Carrickfarm Marnie (Mrs V M Armstrong)

Special Beginners Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 4

1st: Foxwater House Of Jazz (Mrs J Spence)

2nd: Lairehope Chapel Dream (Mr A Forster)

3rd: Otterpaws Red Red Wine (Mrs J M Dixon)

Res: Earthdog Native To Elderthorne (Mrs E A & Miss L A M Webb)
VHC: Carrickfarm Mhairi At Tinkletop (Mrs L Templeman)

Maiden Bitch Entries: 5  Absentees: 4

1st: Lairehope Chapel Dream

Novice Bitch Entries: 8  Absentees: 6

1st: Raedwulf Sunset

2nd: Beckshire Pintail (Mrs J Blakey)
Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 24 Absentees: 14

1st: Smurfski Seismic Bliss (Mr J Yore) Resverve Best Bitch

2nd: Merumhor Blue Jasmine (Mr C & Mrs J Martin)

3rd: Thornheswin Thats My Girl (Mr J C Dixon)

Res: Foxwater House Of Jazz
VHC: Achnagairn Prim N'proper (Mrs A Fraser)

Limit Bitch Entries: 13 Absentees: 3

1st: Irton Sovay (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show

2nd: Picer Beth Chatto JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

3rd: Stineval Kordia JW (Mr A G & Mrs C Horner)

Res: Cedarhill Shooting Star (Mrs J Alpe)
VHC: Otterpaws Lyin' Eyes JW (Miss A M Dixon)

Open Bitch Entries: 14  Absentees: 4 + 1 w/d

1st: Picer Flora Mcivor JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

2nd: Brankell Countdown To Flegato

3rd: Otterpaws Firebird ShCM (Miss A M Dixon)

Res: Glenbucket Sandy's Glinty at Lairehope (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)
VHC: Oakyard Objet D'art at Hollexby (Mr P Appleby)

Special Open Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 0 Absentees: 0

Veteran Dog/Bitch Entries: 23 Absentees: 13

1st: Ch Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star JW (Mrs C Dean) Best Veteran

2nd: Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski (Mr J C B Yore)

3rd: Beaconpike Red Saturn (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Res: Ch Lairehope Lord of the Glen At Tweedburn (Mrs C A Archibald)
VHC: Okarito Rafael at Wreighaugh (Mr M & Mrs A J Carr)

Brace Entries: 9 Absentees: 6

1st: Otterpaws Firebird ShCM / Otterpaws Lyin' Eyes

2nd: Raedwulf Sunset / Raedwulf Nocturn

3rd: Oakyard Objet D'Art at Hollexby / Hollexby Travellin Man

Judge: Anne Speake

Junior Handling

Judge: Mr Pete Appleby

I would like to thank the Border Terrier Club for inviting me to judge the Junior Handling in this centenary year of Border Terriers.
It was a pleasure and an honour to judge the three handlers today, this is the future of our hobby, not the most experienced handlers but they all did a great job, they made up for the lack of experience with enthusiasm. They where all very courteous when accepting their prizes.

Class A 6 - 11 years 3 entries

1st and best Junior Handler:
Mya Burnley,
Age 9, a very confident young lady that has great promise, she handled with poise and good manners, very new to this but did very well even guiding her brothers from the ring side, I hope she continues to handle.

2nd :
Bradley Burnley,
Age 10, It was a very hard decision deciding on 2nd and 3rd places, but Bradley just edged it over the 3rd place Beue, didn't quite have his dog under control but tried hard in what was I believe his first attempt at handling, needs to pay more attention to his dog and the judge.

Beue Bradley,
Age 6, He has great promise as a handler, needs to sort out which hand the dog should be in, but having said that he did move the dog well, I think he was a little confused by the proceedings but took it in his stride. Really nothing to choose between 2nd and 3rd

Classb B 12 -12 years
- no entries

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