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Open Show, 22nd February 2020, Jedburgh 

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The Club wish to thank CSJ for their generous sponsorship of our Open Show.

Photographs kindly provided by Joyce Martin Photography

Judge: Anne Speake

Entries: 143 dogs for 182 entries + 5 nfc 

Our Judge with her main winners.

BIS & Best Dog Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean)

Reserve BIS, BOS & Best Bitch Irton Sovay (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

Reserve Best Dog Tojamatt Rhythm N'blues at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V L Atkinson)

Reserve Best Bitch Smurfski Seismic Bliss ( Mr J Yore)

BPIS & Best Puppy Dog Beaconpike Poseidon (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

BOSPIS & Best Puppy Bitch Pipruda Metling Moment (Mrs J Alpe)

Best Veteran Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star (Mrs C Dean)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge the first of their centenary shows this year and for their warm welcome and hospitality. Thank you to my two stewards, Judy Carr and Judith Fawcett who had the ring running like clockwork, which enabled me to get on with the job of judging a large quality entry. Thank you to all the exhibitors for giving me such a wonderful entry of 143 dogs, sadly the serve flooding at the time made for several absentees, but I’d like to thank everyone who braved the floods and made the journey. This was my first breed club appointment, which was a truly memorable experience and one I won’t forget. Thank you for the lovely gifts which I will treasure. I was generally very pleased with the overall quality of the dogs entered under me. Coats were at varying stages, and some dogs paid the price today.The quality in some classes made for some difficult decisions, especially in the limit/open classes, and I would have liked more first places. 

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1  

1st: Beaconpike Poseidon (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) at just 7mths, loved this one for size, lovely head still developing, ears well placed, with excellent dentition. Good reach of neck with nice straight front, good shoulders, and is narrow throughout. Ribs carried well back, in excellent coat with a thick pliable pelt. Well Handled and moved confidently for one so young.  One to watch for the future. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show

2nd: Akenside Graphite (Mrs J Collis) b/t of 8mths  with an attractive strong head, with lovely neat ears, dark eye and a keen expression.Good dentition and strong muzzle. In good harsh coat with a thick loose pelt, easily spanned with good rear angulation just preferred the movement on first. 

3rd: Pete's Prince Piper (Mrs M Alexander)
Res: Kief The Second (Mrs J Blakey)

Puppy Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st: Hollexby Travellin Man (Mr P Appleby) a mature g/t of 11 mths  who is up to size.  With an attractive masculine head, strong jaw with big teeth, with a good front, level top line, good length of body with a strong loin and well set on carroty tail. Moved and showed well.

2nd: Holmelyne Cumbria Sweep (Mrs J Blakey) 9 mth old G/T, different type to 1, closer coupled, attractive head, dark eye, good dentition, a little wide in front, coat was of good texture. Good in shoulder, top line was ok in profile, was unsettled on the move. 

Junior Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 1

1st: Whittonglebe Kaiser (Mr G R Sugars) This dog caught my eye on entering the ring, strong masculine headed dog , short muzzle and dark well shaped eyes.  Lovely front, liked his body lines and length.  With good bone and neat feet, excellent coat, kept a good top line and moved with drive.

2nd: Lairehope Starman (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian) well balanced dog with a good head.Good reach of neck, good shoulders. Good legs and feet. Ribs well back and easily spanned. Moved well.

3rd: Thornheswin Ring Of Fire (Mr J C Dixon)
Res: Hollexby Travellin Man
VHC: Holmelyne Cumbria Sweep

Special Beginners Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st: Kief The Second g/t attractive head with a nice dark eye, good dentition, good shoulders and straight front.Coat of good texture, tail a little low set. Moved ok.

Maiden Dog Entries: 3  Absentees 1

1st: Holmelyne Cumbria Sweep repeat 2nd PD, won on his movement, he was more settled in this class

2nd: Elderthorne Ace In The Pack (Mrs E A & MIss L A M Webb) 16mth old G/t who was a little unsure of himself on the table. Moderate broad skull with dark eye, good dentition, good in shoulder, ribs well back, tail set a little low, unsettled on the move.  

Novice Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 1

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 6

1st: Cedarhill Dish Of The Day For Dexlin (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness) a lot to like about this dog, strong attractive head, lovely dark eye with a keen expression, strong muzzle, big teeth, in super harsh coat with a thick pelt.Good reach of neck, with ribs carried well back. Moved and showed really well, seriously considered in the challenge .

2nd: Otterpaws Mountain High (Mr & Mrs G Birrel) one I’ve judged before, and as matured well. Having a super head, impressive dentition, and with a keen expression.  Nice size, harsh coat, thick pelt and well set on tail.  Well angulated quarters strode out well. Pushed hard for 1st place.

3rd: Kalebank Harvester (Mrs S Portsmouth)

Limit Dog Entries: 13 Absentees: 4

1st: Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean) judged this one as a puppy and gave him top honours, he’s matured in to a lovely dog. Lovely otter head, with strong jaw, well set ears, dark eye, excellent size & shape to body, neat feet with good thick pads, good shoulder placement, easy to span.Fit and well muscled shown in a new tight coat with a thick pelt. In excellent condition, good strong quarters which he used well on the move, keeping a strong top line. Pleased to award him Best Dog and Best in Show

2nd: Brackenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere JW (Mr S Pollit) another quality male with a lovely shaped body, good in rib and carried well back, easy to span, strong loin, good size & shape, in hard condition & moved well fore & aft, neat feet with thick pads, tail well set & correct length. 

3rd: Otterpaws Muninn (Mr & Mrs G Birrel)

Res: Cashelrock Black Bush (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore)
VHC: Lynsett Lewis (Mr P Armstrong)

Open Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st: Tojamatt Rhythm N'blues At Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson) g/t dog  moderately broad in skull, he was well presented and handled, excellent muscle tone. Good reach of neck, with ribs well back, in good coat and with a well set on tail. On the move he covered the ground effortlessly, a well made dog with a good bend of stifle.   Reserve Best Dog

2nd: Lairehope Highland Chief Of Tweedburn (Mrs C A Archibald) mature G/T dog of a workman like make and shape, not over done, straight legs with correct bone, body easily spanned, tail carried well, coat of a good harsh texture. Moved soundly.

3rd: Lairehope Duke Diamante (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Res: Raleniro Second Time Around ShCM ShCEx (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine & Miss P Thomas)
VHC: Glenbucket Highland Reel (Mrs M J Alexander)

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 10 Absentees: 3

 A lovely puppy class and many will changes places on another day. 

1st: Pipruda Melting Moment (Mrs J Alpe) Very feminine 7mth old g/t, well balanced throughout, broad flat skull with neat well set ears, dark eyes, keen expression, correct bite with strength of muzzle, moderate length of neck into good shoulders, narrow body with good length of rib and easily spanned, level top line with well set on thick carroty tail, super harsh coat, thick pelt, moved well for one so young.  Best Puppy Bitch and Best Opp Sex to BPIS

2nd: Achnagairn Class Act (Mrs A Fraser) unlucky to meet 1 today, g/t of 6 mths, very pleasing puppy, lovely feminine  head with  good reach of neck, good shoulders, ribs carried well back and easily spanned  with a level top line & well set tail.Good coat and pelt. Moved out well both ways.

3rd: Beaconpike Astrea (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Res: Thornheswin Sparks Will Fly (Mr J C Dixon)
VHC: Lily Grace At Mayfellden (A Dent Burney)

Puppy Bitch Entries: 8  Absentees: 2 + 1 w/d

1st: Raedwulf Nocturn (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson) lovely feminine head on this 10mth g/t, with neat ears, dark eye and correct dentition with a short strong muzzle.Good reach of neck, with good shoulders.  She was narrow throughout, with her ribs carried well back. She has a good top line in profile which she kept on the move.  

2nd: Raedwulf Sunset (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson) litter sister to 1st and many of the same comments apply, just preferred the movement and tail set on first.

3rd: Lairehope Lucky Jewel (M P & Mrs K Lothian)

Res: Hollexby Heartbreaker At Tinkletop (Mrs L Templeman)
VHC: Lynsett Miss Mable At Sharrale (Mrs D & Mr J Bowman)

Junior Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1st: Brankell Countdown To Flegato (Mrs M Fleming) Quality youngster, with a lovely feminine head and expression, ears correctly placed.  Good dentition, straight front, with a good reach of neck with well placed shoulders.  Coat of a good harsh texture, and with a thick pelt. Spanned with ease, has good rear angulations.  Well set on carroty shaped tail.  She moved with drive around the ring. 

2nd: Twigglestone Victorious (Mrs C A Archibald) lovely head on this b/t bitch, good dentition and reach of neck into a level top line, and carroty tail well set on. Has a narrow Straight front with neat feet and thick pads, with the desired harsh double jacket with ticking. Moved well.

3rd: Lairehope Ocean Charm (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Res: Whittonglebe Keira (Mr G & Mrs J Mackenzie)
VHC: Carrickfarm Marnie (Mrs V M Armstrong)

Special Beginners Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 4

1st: Foxwater House Of Jazz (Mrs J Spence) feminine bitch with a lovely head and varmity expression. Correct ear placement. Ribs well back, spanned with ease. Has a decent top line and good tail set. Good coat and pelt. Moved soundly.

2nd: Lairehope Chapel Dream (Mr A Forster) g/t with a lovely feminine head,  nicely balanced, liked her length of rib, correct angulations, straight front, compact feet, well set tail & she moved well.  

3rd: Otterpaws Red Red Wine (Mrs J M Dixon)

Res: Earthdog Native To Elderthorne (Mrs E A & Miss L A M Webb)
VHC: Carrickfarm Mhairi At Tinkletop (Mrs L Templeman)

Maiden Bitch Entries: 5  Absentees: 4

1st: Lairehope Chapel Dream

Novice Bitch Entries: 8  Absentees: 6

1st: Raedwulf Sunset repeat of 2nd PB  won on movement over 2nd in this class.

2nd: Beckshire Pintail (Mrs J Blakey) a strong but feminine head on this g/t bitch who was in good coat, nice size, good bone moved ok once settled. 
Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 24 Absentees: 14

1st: Smurfski Seismic Bliss (Mr J Yore)  lovely blue and tan bitch with a stunning head, dark eye with a keen expression and neat ears. Good dentition, with good reach of neck into a level top line and carroty tail well set on, neat feet with thick pads, she is good for size and shown in a lovely double coat with plenty of ticking. Well balanced, with good angulations. Movement was straight and true she kept her top line on the move and moved true both ways.    Reserve Best Bitch

2nd: Merumhor Blue Jasmine (Mr C & Mrs J Martin) another lovely b/t who pushed the winner hard, lovely otter like head with a dark eye and keen expression. With good dentition, lovely reach of neck, good shoulders and strong top line.Coat of good harsh texture with ticking, moved soundly and is well balanced. 

3rd: Thornheswin Thats My Girl (Mr J C Dixon)

Res: Foxwater House Of Jazz
VHC: Achnagairn Prim N'proper (Mrs A Fraser)

Limit Bitch Entries: 13 Absentees: 3

1st: Irton Sovay (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) a soundly constructed bitch throughout, who is so well balanced with correct angulations & a very pleasing outline. Excellent reach of neck, straight front with good shoulders. With a good length of rib and a well set tail. She has a very good thick pelt with an excellent double jacket.She moved with drive holding her top line on the move.  Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show

2nd: Picer Beth Chatto JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering) Lovely feminine head qualities & very pleasing outline with straight front & correct angles fore & aft. Narrow throughout and easily spanned, in good harsh jacket, unlucky to meet 1 today, moved well coming and going and well balanced on the move.

3rd: Stineval Kordia JW (Mr A G & Mrs C Horner)

Res: Cedarhill Shooting Star (Mrs J Alpe)
VHC: Otterpaws Lyin' Eyes JW (Miss A M Dixon)

Open Bitch Entries: 14  Absentees: 4 + 1 w/d

1st: Picer Flora Mcivor JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering) mature attractive g/t bitch who has a lovely head, neat ears, dark eye  and lovely big teeth.  Good reach of neck flowing in to good shoulders, with a strong top line.  Well padded neat feet. Ribs are well back and easily spanned. Completed the picture with a lovely carroty tail well set on. She moved around the ring with drive and keeping a strong top line on the move.  

2nd: Brankell Countdown To Flegato

repeat JB   pushed hard for 1st place

3rd: Otterpaws Firebird ShCM (Miss A M Dixon)

Res: Glenbucket Sandy's Glinty at Lairehope (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)
VHC: Oakyard Objet D'art at Hollexby (Mr P Appleby)

Special Open Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 0 Absentees: 0

Veteran Dog/Bitch Entries: 23 Absentees: 13

1st: Ch Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star JW (Mrs C Dean) 7 half yr old  g/t who has a terrific coat for texture.  She has an attractive head with well placed ears, dark eye and keen expression. Good body shape & outline with good angulations and moved with drive around the ring keeping a good top line. Best Veteran

2nd: Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski (Mr J C B Yore) has a nice head, and her overall outline was typical.  With nicely made hindquarters, in a short tight coat, moved & showed well at 10 yrs old.  

3rd: Beaconpike Red Saturn (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Res: Ch Lairehope Lord of the Glen At Tweedburn (Mrs C A Archibald)
VHC: Okarito Rafael at Wreighaugh (Mr M & Mrs A J Carr)

Brace Entries: 9 Absentees: 6

1st: Otterpaws Firebird ShCM / Otterpaws Lyin' Eyes JW this pair moved and showed well as a brace, with lovely feminine heads they are very well matched. 

2nd: Raedwulf Sunset / Raedwulf Nocturn litter sisters who are well matched, and moved well, just lost out on maturity to the winners today.  

3rd: Oakyard Objet D'Art at Hollexby / Hollexby Travellin Man

Judge: Anne Speake

Junior Handling

Judge: Mr Pete Appleby

I would like to thank the Border Terrier Club for inviting me to judge the Junior Handling in this centenary year of Border Terriers.
It was a pleasure and an honour to judge the three handlers today, this is the future of our hobby, not the most experienced handlers but they all did a great job, they made up for the lack of experience with enthusiasm. They where all very courteous when accepting their prizes.

Class A 6 - 11 years 3 entries

1st and best Junior Handler:
Mya Burnley,
Age 9, a very confident young lady that has great promise, she handled with poise and good manners, very new to this but did very well even guiding her brothers from the ring side, I hope she continues to handle.

2nd :
Bradley Burnley,
Age 10, It was a very hard decision deciding on 2nd and 3rd places, but Bradley just edged it over the 3rd place Beue, didn't quite have his dog under control but tried hard in what was I believe his first attempt at handling, needs to pay more attention to his dog and the judge.

Beue Bradley,
Age 6, He has great promise as a handler, needs to sort out which hand the dog should be in, but having said that he did move the dog well, I think he was a little confused by the proceedings but took it in his stride. Really nothing to choose between 2nd and 3rd

Classb B 12 -12 years
- no entries

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