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Joint BTC Championship Show 2012, 6th May, Mypetstop
Hosted by The Border Terrier Club

Judge: Mr W Shorthose (Cundytyke)

Entries: 229 for 261


BIS, Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) (above)

DCC, Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) (CH subject to KC confirmation) 

RDCC, Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath JW (Mrs J Guvercin)

BPD, BPIS, Comberdown Finnegan (Mr & Mrs Higham)

BCC, RBIS,CH Remony Barley Twist JW ShCM (Mrs A E Gregory) 

RBCC, CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara (Mr I & Mrs A Higham)

BPB, Foxfactor Cue The Music (Mr B J& Mrs K D Stockley)

BV, CH Manx Margaid ShCM (Mr B J& Mrs K D Stockley)

Many thanks to the Committee of the Border Terrier Club, who were the hosts of this years Joint Border Terrier Club show, for inviting me to judge such a prestigious event. My thanks go, particularly, to my stewards, who kept things running smoothly and enabled me to get through a big entry in an unrushed way.

Overall, I felt the quality was reasonably high, with a lot to like. There were only a few which I felt could have done with a few square meals as they were a bit on the thin side. Exhibitors should know how to balance food intake with exercise to produce dogs in the correct condition. Lack of muscle on more was a greater problem. While the standard states capable of following a horse many would have been tired following one round a stable yard let alone across country. This is evident when dogs are moved but not giving an active breed sufficient exercise also has an effect on their mental wellbeing.

There were a number of untypical heads. I wonder if some people don't understand the proportions of an otters skull as some muzzles were lacking in breadth giving a foxy look, while other heads were too rounded giving the impression of a teddy bear. Mouths were not a big problem with only a couple incorrect and coats were also, generally, good. Most exhibits had an undercoat though there were quite a number which had thin skins. A good, thick, loose pelt is essential for a working terrier. Very few could not be spanned, so most would have been capable of getting to ground. A one size fits all attitude does not really apply to working terriers as there are a variety of jobs and situations to be encountered but they do have to be able to get there in the first place.

I was very pleased with my top winners and extend my thanks to all the exhibitors.

Minor Puppy Dog (9, 3)
1st: Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow (Mr N Duxbury) Mature looking dog for his age. Strong head, good reach of neck and good bone. Correct bend of stifle and moved well. I would, however, wonder about his size when he is older.
2nd: Otterwood Cyrus (Mr M & Mrs J Hollingsbee) Much more of a baby having just made the show by a few days. Good neck and shoulder, ribs carried well back and length to his body. Would like to see him once he has bodied up.
3rd: Iacheslei Innit (Miss A Harrison) Weaker in head to 1 at the moment though he is another with time on his side. Good coat and thick pelt. Nice narrow front.
Res: Oakpoint Red Herring (L E Snowdon-Hayes)
VHC: Adrival Run Free (Mrs J Bone)

Puppy Dog (8, 1)
1st: Comberdown Finnegan (Mr & Mrs Higham) Well shaped head, keen expression, neat ear and good length of neck stretching into well angled shoulder. Good top-line and well set tail, Moved with drive from well formed quarters and shown in good coat. BPIS
2nd: Lairehope Viking Spark (NAF) (Lothian) Wider head than 1 but not overdone. Good shoulder and narrow in front. Stood on good feet and presented in good jacket.
3rd: Houndshope Rest Dodd (Mrs M Wanless) Pleasing head and fair length of neck. He is quite long in the body, especially behind the ribs, and needs to tighten up his movement behind to track up.
Res: Glenbucket Jack of Diamonds TAF(Mrs M Anderson)
VHC: Karison Klaret (Miss K J Johnson)

Junior Dog (15, 3)
1st: Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath JW (Mrs J Guvercin) Short, strong muzzle with little stop. Good size and narrow in front, correct angulation in shoulder and stood on good feet. Ribs carried well back and racy loin. Pleasing top-line and tail set. Moved well and shown in really good condition. Well balanced with no exageration. RDCC
2nd: Irton Morse Code JW (Mr & Mrs D Fryer) Bigger all through than 1., Strong enough, good length to ribcage. Correct otterlike head, nice shoulder with straight forelegs and standing on good feet. Sound on the move.
3rd: Remony Runrig (Mrs A E Gregory) More the size of the first. Narrow front and good shoulder. Moved freely and has a true racy hindquarter. A bit short of coat today but good pelt.
Res: Kosmic Sun over Karison (Miss K JJohnson)
VHC: Redfox Watchman (Mr & Mrs D BMarr)

Yearling Dog (7, 1)
1st: Foxthorn McVicar (Mr R F & Mrs S Taylor) Strong headed dog with correct otter-like proportions. Broader muzzle than many, with a keen expression. Strong neck but well placed shoulder. Fairly deep in the chest but could do with more length to rib-cage.
2nd: Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin JW (Mrs H Haughton) Straighter in stifle than 1, more upright. Good coat and pelt. Pleasing head with a good eye and neat, dark ears. Good shape and length to tail.
3rd: Merumhor Midwinter JW (Mr G & Mrs H Mckenzie) Fairly well up on the leg, but he can be spanned. Narrow front and sound on the move, with feet falling into place without deviation from being straight. Feet rather thin and flat. Long in the back, matched by good rib carried well back. Good tail which is well set on.
Res: Cedarhill Beyond the Stars JW(Mrs C Dean)
VHC: Chatmoss King Orry at Moddeyaalin (Mrs S A Cracknell)

Novice Dog (8, 1)
1st: Foxthorn McVicar (Mr R F & Mrs S Taylor)
2nd: Remony Runrig (Mrs A E Gregory)
3rd: Iacheslei Innit (Miss A Harrison)
Res: Oakpoint Red Herring (L E Snowdon-Hayes)
VHC: Chatmoss King Orry at Moddeyaalin (Mrs S ACracknell)

Graduate Dog (5, 1)
1st: Oxcroft Rocco (Mr J Price) Good head with strong, broad muzzle. Neat ear, narrow through the ribs, easily spanned. Coat coming but enough to assess. Moved OK .
2nd: Remony Runrig (Mrs A E Gregory)
3rd: Chatmoss King Orry at Moddeyaalin (Mrs S A Cracknell) Weaker in head than 1st. Straighter in shoulder which restricted his movement.
Res: Ragatam Legend (Mrs J MH ill)

Post Graduate Dog (10, 1)
1st: Beaconpike Red Saturn (Mr & Mrs Golding) Balanced but strong dog with a good otter head and good ear placement. Shown in best of coats, thick pelt. Good head, sufficient neck, moved well with drive from behind. Good tight, small feet.
2nd: Northborders Mr Pickles JW (Miss J North) Blue and tan with correct ticking through the coat. On the move, not quite as positive behind as 1st . Straight enough in front which reflected his good shoulder. Pleasing, well balanced head and good reach of neck.
3rd: Grettacs the Wizard ShCM (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness) Slightly longer cast dog who moved quite well. Good keen, dark eye and he has a lovely flat skull, good straight front, just the right amount of bone and a good bend of stifle. Nice topline and tailset. He has a good jacket, so essential in a working terrier.
Res: The Dark Crystal (Mrs Anderson)
VHC: Quarryway Tabsco at Dualta (Mr W T& Mrs J L Edwards)

Mid Limit Dog (9, 1)
1st: Digmoor Captain Rook by Tyrian (Mrs K Dean) Good size and weight,. Nothing appears an exaggeration, good head and reach of neck, neat feet. Has a good topline and tailset. Moved with drive in the class but didnt carry this through in the challenge.
2nd: Ashbrae Fellman at Beaconpike (Mr & Mrs Golding) Bigger all through than 1 and wouldnt want any more of him. Good otter head. Had the necessary harsh, thick coat and good pelt which would afford the right protection. Good tight feet and well set on tail.
3rd: Foxfactor Hornblower JW ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) Not quite so rangy looking but I was pleasantly surprised to find later that he is almost 7. Keeping a good overall shape and moving well, especially behind.
Res: Chorbeck Moonlight Shadow (Mrs H Haughton)
VHC: Borderella Day Tripper JW SHcM (Mrs P South)

Limit Dog (16, 5)
1st: Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM (Miss C Spencer) I wouldnt want him any bigger or heavier. Plenty of bone, good enough head in proportion to the rest of him with just sufficient reach of neck. Well structured behind and moved positively with drive. Correct harsh coat. Noticably good feet small, tight and with thick pads.
2nd: Foxcraig Magic Max at Tyneaster (Mrs S F Gill) A bit racier behind than 1st but equally deep in the rib and, so, big enough, though spannable. Pleasing head and good reach of neck. Topline is good and shown in a good coat.
3rd: Radnorvalley Goshawk of Rhozzum (Mrs M Sharp) Well shaped head with only slight stop. Big enough over the shoulder but carries his ribs well back. Good topline and tail-set.
Res: Earthwise Wolfbane JWShCM (Mr E J Houston)
VHC: Master Minstral at Beaconpike (Mr & Mrs Golding)

Open Dog (13, 2)
 A really good class which had insufficient places for those worthy of recognition

1st: Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) Found this a well balanced dog, nicely put together. He has a fairly broad skull and a good eye. Good reach of neck and pleasing shoulder. Deep, narrow body with ribs carried well back. Well constructed in hindquarters and carrying good muscle. He moved freely and positively with a long stride, drive and tracked up well. Shown in a good coat and has a thick pelt. I felt that he was truly fit for function and very pleased to later learn that he was made up. DCC, BIS
2nd: Dandyhow Dr Walter (Mrs K M Irving) He stands over quite a lot of ground and has everything in the right place. Really good otter head with correct ears dropping close to the cheek. Nice length of neck, good shoulders flowing into a good topline. Today I thought he moved a little closer behind than expected although he was closely considered for a higher reward.
3rd: Ch Irton Up Helly Aa (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) Still a little short of coat today, but a really nice dog. His head is correct with a keen dark eye and well set ears. I liked his neck and shoulders, topline and tailset. He has good feet and moved very soundly. Unlucky to meet the others ahead of him.
Res: Iacheslei Cantus JW(Miss A Harrison)
VHC: Bubbles Fleret Moravia (Miss L Gosling)

Veteran Dog (11, 6)
1st: Ch Tythrop Tapas (Miss J Lee) Shown in good fettle. Correct shape to the skull and moderate length of neck. Good angulation in his shoulder and still narrow through the body. Moved well.
2nd: Ch Clipstone Hard Cash (Mrs J & Mrs E Jackson) Still narrow in front with good length of neck and ribs carried well back. Good topline and tailset but didnt move with quite the same drive as 1 today.
3rd: Dandyhow Dumb Waiter (Mrs H M Axford & Mrs K M Irving) Well headed dog with neat ears. Doesnt appear to have quite the same slope of shoulder as the winner and hadnt his enthusiasm when on the move but still a lot to like about him.
Res: CH Irton Silver Knight (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)
VHC: Barterhound Rhinestone (Ms H M Axford)

Special Working Dog or Bitch (3, 0)
1st: Oxcroft Raydar (Mr J Price) Has a really good otter head, broad skull and strong muzzle with well set ears. Good length of neck and narrow front with well placed shoulder and good length to the ribcage. Moved positively. A bit short of coat today.
2nd: Oxcroft Rumour (Mr J Price) The dam of 1, being smaller, she could work anywhere. Well proportioned head, strong jaw for her build and a neat ear. Coat was a little soft but skin thick and loose. Not showing with the same enthusiasm as 1.
3rd: Ragatam Equilizer Via Ycart (Mr K K Fraser & Mrs T J Butler) Starting to show his age. Good size all through and straight in front. Good coat and pelt.

Minor Puppy Bitch (14, 4)
Some in this class were, for such young bitches, too coarse in the rib and one has to wonder what size/shape they will be when they have grown on.

1st: Dandyhow Sonata (Mrs K M Irving) Very smart baby, well balanced and moved well both in front and behind. Neat feminine head and nice neck set into well angulated shoulders. Good coat. Will be interested to see how she develops as she matures.
2nd: Iacheslei Corus (Miss A Harrison) Good head with neat ears. Narrow, fairly long body with good topline and tail-set. Coat of correct texture and density. Slacker in front movement than 1.
3rd: Manorcroft Rock On Ruby (Mr & Mrs Palmer) More substance than the first two. A little thicker through the loin and not quite the angulation or drive behind. Real good coat and pelt.
Res: Wadesleia Mountain Ringlet (Mr A & Mrs H AFletcher)
VHC: Tojamatt Morgana (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

Puppy Bitch (10, 0)
1st: Foxfactor Cue The Music (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) Quite a strong head for a young bitch. Narrow body and good bone. Very good construction in hindquarters which allowed her to move with drive. BPB 2nd: Baywillow Blue Design (Mrs M B Reeves) A blue and tan with a really good coat. There is a bit more substance to her than 1. Well proportioned head and very pleasing build to the forequarters. She didnt move with the drive of the winner today but they all come on at different rates.
3rd: Chorbeck Miss Money Penny by Northborders (Miss J North) This is a bitch which you wouldnt want to grow on more. She looks quite mature and was carrying plenty of condition. She has a good shape to her body, good breadth to her hips and moved soundly.
Res: Tythrop Time Flies (Mrs J Lee)
VHC: Glebeheath Goodnite Vienna at Flutorum (Castel)

Junior Bitch (17, 5)
1st: Baywillow Brown Braid (Mrs G Hyslop) Well proportioned head, broad skull and strong, short muzzle. Not too heavy in bone and of a size and shape that would allow her to work anywhere. Good topline and tail-set.
2nd: Rhozzum Vanity Fair (Mrs M Sharp) Sharp looking bitch, good head and neck. Similar in size and shape to 1. Good coat and skin and she moved true.
3rd: Irton Enigma (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) Slightly more strongly built particularly being heavier over the shoulder. Good shape of head and strong jaw. Well set, short tail and moved soundly.
Res: Merumhor Solstice Belle (Mr C J & Mrs J HMartin)
VHC: Merumhor Suzy Snowflake at Lexmar (Mr C J & Mrs J HMartin & Mrs A & Mr M Hayes)

Yearling Bitch (18, 3)
1st: Gameway Dragonfly JW (Mrs P Clark) Strong head for a bitch but not overdone. Deep enough in chest but free in the shoulder. Racy behind and moved with drive, strode out well and tracked up. Shown in good coat.
2nd: Tythrop Touch on Wood (Mrs J L Lee) Neat head with a good eye and correct, balanced reach of neck. Good topline and narrow front. Not quite the animation of 1.
3rd: Benattivo Faberge JW (Mr C & Mrs S Girling) Good feet, strong head of correct proportion. Good expression, keen, dark eye. Good strong hindquarters, moved well.
Res: Merumhor Solstice Belle (Mr C J& Mrs J HMartin)
VHC: Tyrian Amulet (Mrs K Dean)

Novice Bitch (10, 1)
1st: Rhozzum Vanity Fair (Mrs M Sharp)
2nd: Iacheslei Corus (Miss A Harrison )
3rd: Merumhor Suzy Snowflake at Lexmar (Mr C J & Mrs J H Martin & Mrs A & Mr M Hayes) Blue and tan with good coat and head, not the best shoulder but better constructed behind.
Res: Irton Mata Hari With Foxthorn (Mr R & Mrs S & Miss M Taylor)
VHC: Earthwise Galadriel (Mr E Houston)

 Graduate Bitch (5, 2)
1st: Picer Gilliflower (Mr G A & Mrs S Pickering) Quite substantial and as big as one would want. A blue and tan with a strong head, thick pelt and a good coat.
2nd: Southash Hollywood Girl (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam) Lighter in build than 1 but not so positive on the move.
3rd: An Cnoc of Baillieswells ( Professor A S Milton ) Strong head but shorter in neck and thus tends to look a bit stuffy. Lacking in stride length and drive today, movement somewhat erratic.

Post Graduate Bitch (18, 4) 1
st: Achnagairn Wild Card (Mrs A Fraser) Quite a pleasing head with a short, strong muzzle. Best of coats, good topline and moved OK though, when standing, I would have liked to have seen a bit more angulation in the stifle
2nd: Tameila Penny Lane by Borderella (Mrs P South) Another with a good head in balance with her construction. A little straighter in the shoulder but good topline and tail-set. Moved with drive from behind. 3rd: Beaconpike in a Storm (Mr & Mrs Golding) Bit more substantial than the others. Strong head, straight forelegs, but good topline and moved positively. Shown in full, harsh jacket.
Res: Glenbucket Lady Charlotte (Mrs M Alexander)
VHC: Picer Beersheba at Wadesleia (Mr A & Mrs H A Fletcher)

Mid Limit Bitch (11, 5)
1st: Picer Hildora (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering) Similar in build to same owners winner of Graduate. Well shaped head with powerful jaw. Good bend of stifle allowing her to move with drive. Good coat, which was full today.
2nd: Rhozzum Keynote with Foxfactor JW (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) Bit lighter built blue and tan whose colouring doesnt help her ear size/shape. Good outline with topline and well set tail. Racy outline to hindquarters though, to be critical, I would prefer a little more angulation in the hind leg.
3rd: Digmoor Kindred Spirit for Tyrian (Professor S P Dean) Good overall body shape allowing for necessary flexibility. Pleasing head and neck but, when moving, she appeared a little tied and lacked freedom.
Res: Thistlestone Jenny Wren (Miss J & Mr S May & Whisker)
VHC: Diamond Skys (Mrs N Anderson)

Limit Bitch (17, 9)
As a class, too many lacked length to their body which would restrict flexibility when working.

 1st: Ravenside Ma Biche at Ridgebow (Mr N Duxbury) Well balanced proportions with a fair head and reach of neck. Moved well and has a good bend of stifle and broad thighs. When standing, appears to fall away a little in the forechest but has good heartroom and ribs are carried well back.
2nd: Rhozzum User Friendly (Mrs M Sharp) Not quite the drive and angulation behind of the winner. A little stronger in the neck but has a well sloped shoulder. Good topline and one with the correct length of body.
3rd: Totherend Taboo (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright) A sound bitch without any exaggeration. Not the strongest of heads but all is in proportion. Stands over a fair bit of ground and moved positively. Good coat and pelt.
Res: Rexlands Golden Plover by Karison JW(Miss K & Mrs D Johnson & Pearson)
VHC: Gameway Margarita at Southash (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam)

Open Bitch (14, 6)
What a cracking good class this was with quality in all those placed. A different day and who knows which order they could fall into.

1st: Ch Remony Barley Twist JW ShCM (Mrs A E Gregory) Really good mover, quite probably the best of the day. Absolutely true both coming towards or moving away. Good feminine expression on a head in balance with her construction. Nice length to the neck and shoulders well laid back. Well tucked up, racy hindquarters and good tail short and thick. Just coming back into coat though what there was, was dense and very harsh. Not surprised that others have previously thought so highly of her. BCC, RBIS.
2nd: Ch Ir Ch Comberdown Ciara (Mr I & Mrs A Higham) Very close up 2nd. A little heavier and stronger in build with a lovely head. Strong neck which flows into well laid back shoulders. Correct length to the body and well built hindquarters allowing her to move with drive. Very best of coats. RBCC
3rd: Ch Achnagairn Code Name Glebeheath JW ShCM (Mrs J Guvercin) A little less to her than some of the others in the class but very well balanced. Really good angulation in the shoulder and her neck flows freely into the topline. The outline picture is completed with the correct tail-set. Moved straight and true.
Res: Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox JW (Mr G Wildey)
VHC: Biddestone Poppyseed by Quarryway (Mrs B Williams & Mr K EJohnson)

Veteran Bitch (11, 3)
1st: Ch Manx Margaid ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley) Smart moving bitch, racy hindquarters, she has kept her topline and has well laid back ribs. Nice, fairly broad head and neat V shaped ears.
2nd: Ch Hollowmoor Coremy (Mrs A D Williams) Good overall shape, shown in a top coat which was a little heavy and spoilt the outline. She has greater quality underneath but it wasnt readily obvious.
3rd: Borderella Emma (Mrs P South) A little smaller than those placed above her. She moved well and was shown in good coat.
Res: Achnagairn Busy Brogue (Mrs A Fraser)
VHC: Magic Milly at Thistlestone (Miss J Whisker & Mr S May)

W. Shorthose (Judge)

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