Border Terrier Club Shows

Joint Border Terrier Clubs' Championship Show, 5th May 2019,
hosted by The Border Terrier Club at Leigh Leisure Centre

The Club wish to thank Platinum Dog Food for their generous sponsorship of our Championship Show

Photographs kindly provided by  Joyce Martin Photography  

Judge: Mrs Su Williams (Hollybridge)

Entries: 120 dogs for 135 entries plus 6 NFC

Our Judge with her main winners

Best In Show & Bitch CC
  Glebeheath Fingers On Lips

Reserve BIS & BOS & Dog CC
Dandyhow Captain Morgan

Reserve Dog CC & Best Veteran in Show
Irton Morse Code JW

Reserve Bitch CC 
  Beaconpike Night Sky At Brackenfell *

Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Bitch
Blaisdon Step Above

Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Dandyhow Pandora

Best Opp Sex Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Dog
Chorbeck Move To The Music

I would like to thank The Border Terrier Club for the invitation & thank my 2 very capable Stewards Carolyn Richardson & Liz Barrett for their help on the day. I would also like to thank those exhibitors who entered under me and who accepted the placings sportingly. I was pleased to have a number of high quality entries but the down side of that is, some good dogs went card less.
Mouths are a bit of a worry as I noticed a few with a tooth or teeth out of line, small teeth and one even undershot. Movement on the whole was good especially in my winners.  Coats & pelts were good too,with just a few thin pelted dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st: Comberdown Soaring Spirit (Mr I & Mrs A Higham) An attractive rangy light grizzle & tan puppy 7mth old, head needs to come on as I am sure it will with maturity. He has a good coat and pelt & he moved out well fore and aft his balance and movement won him the class.  
2nd: Chorbeck Strike A Pose (Mrs H Haughton) 6mth old Grizzle & Tan with a lovely head, Outline and nicely set tail. A smart and attractive puppy On the day, erratic front movement lost him 1st place.
3rd: Thornheswin Ring Of Fire (Mr J C Dixon) Another attractive young dog with appealing expression who moved well, good bend of stifle he presented an overall racy & balanced outline.

Puppy Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st: Chorbeck Move To The Music (Mrs H Haughton) What a lovely headed light grizzle & tan puppy this is . Balanced, moved well both fore and aft, kept his topline on the move and although not much coat on the day, what there was felt harsh and correct. Best Puppy Dog & Best Opp Sex Puppy in Show
2nd: Cashelrock Black Bush (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore) Mature 11 mth old in excellent coat he has a pleasing masculine head, a tad deep in chest however he moved out well.
3rd: Prince Rainbow Blue (Bevan)  A good moving longer bodied dark grizzle & tan would have preferred a thicker pelt.

Junior Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st: Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean) What a lovely young dog this Grizzle & tan boy is, so balanced with super topline, moved out very well. Lovely masculine head and expression. He was just pipped to the post today for Res CC but it was close and I did like him so much.
2nd: Cedarhill Dish Of The Day For Dexlin (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness) A close second to his Brother. Another lovely typical G &T youngster. Lovely front & rear movement and good bend of stifle. I liked his head and expression.
3rd: Valicetarn Blue Cosmos by Beaconpike (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) What a lovely headed youngster this blue & tan is. He has a super expression and moved out very well, good bend of stifle and shoulders, he came up a little light in weight on the day but one to watch and I liked him a lot.
Res: Mysulan Easy Ryder (Mrs J Shorthouse)
VHC: Cedarhill Front Of House (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

Yearling Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 3

1st: Ridgebow Two Hoots (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Stood alone but a very worthy winner. He has a lovely balanced outline, nice tail set, moved very well. Head needs to mature a little more but he is a lovely BT & what a happy confident showman.

Novice Dog Entries: 3  Absentees: 1

1st: Chorbeck Move To The Music
2nd: Prince Rainbow Blue

Graduate Dog Entries: 6  Absentees: 1 + 1 w/d

1st: Brackenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere JW (Mr S Pollit) What a beautiful head this boy has, he is masculine without being coarse in any way. He moved out well with good coat & good bend of stifle.
2nd: Cedarhill Front Of House. Unplaced in his other class but he is another attractive racy youngster who moved well. He has an attractive head & expression.
3rd: Billyboy Blue At Chevinor (Mrs H A Metcalfe) Racy Blue & Tan with good coat & pelt.
Res: Bordergold Rudolph (Mrs A Sutton)

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 6  Absentees: 3

1st: Akenside Feckless (Mrs D McLeod) An attractive headed dog with a good typical coat, not helping his handler when standing today but he moved out very well with drive winning him the class.
2nd: Kirkby Valley Silent Storm (Mr L & Miss I M Jackson & Dugdale) Grizzle & tan dog of the more cobby type, deep in chest. He has a lovely head which won him his placing.
3rd: Thornheswin New Beginning (Mrs C E Boyd) Racy longish bodied Blue & tan with a narrow front and good bend of stifle.

Mid Limit Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st: Glenbucket Whisky Mac (Ms M E Rogers) This dog is of attractive type and he moved out well with a good coat. however too much neck & chest hair spoiled his visual outline making him appear chunky which he isn't when you get hands on him. I liked his head & expression.
2nd: Bordurrock Rainbow Rising (Mr D & Mrs E Gillies) A lovely red with no coat but showing a good racy outline, I liked his head. He wasn’t an happy showman on the day.
3rd: Glebeheath Smash N'grab At Jordith (Mrs L M I & Mr A M Jordan-Smith) Notes say great coat, lovely head,  a deepish chest and not the best front movement.

Limit Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 1

1st: Dandyhow Captain Morgan (Mrs K M Irving) Super dog, perfect sized Grizzle & tan dog of great type, I loved his head & expression. He was balanced, free moving &  has a good rib, neat feet & good coat. Good muscle tone, he steps out well and has bags of breed type. This all made up a dog much better looking on the move than when stood still, he is the most reluctant showman when standing. However looking past him giving his handler a hard time he couldn't be denied the Dog CC & BOS & Reserve BIS
2nd: Mysulan Going Solo JW (Mrs S J Baxter) Very nice and attractive racy blue & tan carrying a good coat & pelt. Good bone and nice bend of stifle makes up a well balanced typy dog.
3rd: Oxcroft Jethro (Mr J Price)  Pity he wasn’t happy in the ring as when he uses his ears he looks so much better. he moved well both fore & aft. Not much coat but this showed he has a pleasing outline.
Res: Tojamatt Rhythm N'blues at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)
VHC: Glenbucket Highland Lad (Mrs N Anderson & Mrs A Howard)

Open Dog Entries: 7  Absentees: 2

1st: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor ShCM (Mrs H A Metcalfe) Light coloured G&T dog with very pleasing head and outline he moved well and was so balanced and also I liked his size and bone. Wished I had had more top awards to hand out as this is a lovely dog.
2nd: Cedarhill Ghost Writer JW (Mrs M Fleming) Another lovely dog with pleasing head and expression, I liked his overall balance in outline, sadly on the day he didn’t move as positive in front as 1st  though it was a close call.  A very attractive breed typical dog.
3rd: Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V L Atkinson) This dog is very attractive with a super head and expression, he moved out well fore and aft. An extremely harsh coat on the day.
Res: Ch Karison Kosta (Miss K Johnson)
VHC: Cobstoneway Ocean Sunrise (Mrs G Stevens)

Veteran Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st: Irton Morse Code JW (Mr & Mrs D Fryer) 8 1/2yr old masculine Red dog, fit with good muscle tone with a super head. He is balanced with a very pleasing outline what a picture he made. His coat is just coming in but felt and looked good and he also moved well, a real showman . He fought off some lovely younger dogs on the day for the Reserve Dog CC & Best Veteran in Show
2nd: Ch/Am/Can Ch Cedarhill Beyond the Stars JW (Mrs C Dean) 9yr old. A worthy champion this dog has a very pleasing outline with a good coat, neat feet, lovely typical head not overdone in any way.
3rd: Beaconpike Red Saturn (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) 9yr old on the day, a very attractive racy dog I have judged and liked before. he like 1st-2nd in this class hid his age well. Good coat, bend of stifle and he moved out well.

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 4

1st:  Blaisdon Step Above (Miss A J Thomas & Mr J N Thomas) Beautiful Feminine body elegant neck leading to a pleasing head, ear placement and lovely expression, I liked her size and her bone. Super balanced youngster with good coat. She moved out with confidence and moved true. I really liked this little bitch. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Goldenmill Harvest Fantasy (Mr J & Mrs J Willmitt) Very attractive racy puppy with super head.I liked her expression and her overall movement.
3rd: Stineval Memphis To Emblehope (Miss D Bladen) Another attractive feminine bitch. I liked her balance and her bone, she is very well put together, not much coat today but it showed off her outline, which is very pleasing. She was just a little unsettled in front movement today costing her a higher place .
Res: Comberdown Killer Queen Of Nurisha (C Melville)
VHC: Brankell Countdown (Mrs M Fleming)

Puppy Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1st: Dandyhow Pandora (Mrs K M Irving) Appealing Feminine puppy, many of the same comments in my notes as the minor puppy bitch winner. These 2 lovely puppies are very typical in type and both of similar size. Good bone but not heavy in anyway. Moved well and with confidence. Just preferred the head of the Minor winner but this bitch a worthy Reserve Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Ragatam Essence (Miss T Peacock) Another lovely puppy, very smart racy and balanced. I liked her head and expression. She was shown in good coat.
3rd: Otterbobs Georgia Blue (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)This bitch completed a trio of lovely puppies. She had a super coat and catlike feet. She moved well and with confidence.
Res: Foxfactor Fire Cracker (Mrs K D Stockley)

Junior Bitch Entries: 15 Absentees: 2  + 1 w/d

1st: Smurfski Seismic Bliss (Mr J Yore) Charming and breed typical feminine Blue & tan, another with catlike feet and she moved well with drive, all of which along with good bend of stifle and balance won her this strong class.
2nd: Valicetarn Velvet (Mrs V I Mason) Lovely racier type bitch with a pleasing outline and head, I liked her feminine yet terrier expression. Lots to like about this bitch.
3rd: Karison Koprosma At Staynorwood (Mr G & Mrs C Richardson) My notes read small, cute & hairy. And she was.. In full correct coat and it made her look cobby but when you get hands on her she has a lovely outline & rib. Such a sweet but terrier like expression on this youngster. She was balanced and she moved well.
Res: Mysulan Go Easy (Mrs S J Baxter)
VHC: Borderella Sunflower Seed (Mrs P South)

Yearling Bitch Entries: 7  Absentees: 1

1st: Goxfell Reivers Rose (Mrs J A Stamp & Mr D C Joyce) Smart attractive bitch with a great coat & thick pelt. Neat feet and she moved out well and covered the ground with ease.
2nd: Beaconpike River Sky (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)  Very close decision between 1st & 2nd, this attractive full coated bitch moved and showed with ease and confidence.
3rd: Thornheswin Thats My Girl (Mr J C Dixon) Sadly no coat today. Neat looking bitch of good proportions she moved well.
Res: Borderella Sunflower Seed (Mrs P South)
VHC: Otterpaws Lyin' Eyes (Miss A M Dixon)

Novice Bitch Entries: 4  Absentees: 1

1st:  Goxfell Reivers Rose
2nd: Smurfski Seismic Bliss
3rd: Tarkaswell Waltzin' Matilda (Mrs C E Samsom) Well balanced grizzle & tan, cat like feet on this good moving & good coated bitch.

Graduate Bitch  Entries: 4  Absentees: 1

1st: Picer Beth Chatto JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering) Quite a cobby bitch but she won the class on her movement and her thick pelt, great coat.She has a pleasing head. 
2nd: Otterpaws Firebird ShCM (Miss A Dixon) Loved her varmity expression and her outline and movement.
3rd: Ragatam Chit Chat (Miss T Peacock) Very attractive smart looking Blue & tan shown in good coat, held her topline on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch  Entries: 8  Absentees: 3

1st: Otterbobs Duchess (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) Shown very short of coat but with a lovely racy outline. Smart attractive bitch with good pelt and movement.
2nd: Chorbeck Angel Eyes (Mrs H Haughton)This bitch has a super front and harsh coat and sorry cannot decipher the rest of my notes.
3rd: Bordurrock Tarot Woman (Mr D & Mrs E Gillies) An appealing head and expression on this nice sized racy grizzle & tan bitch super coat and thick pelt.
Res: Evajays Treasure (Mrs E Drury)
VHC: Otterwood Domina Candesco JW (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)

Mid Limit Bitch Entries: 3  Absentees: 3

Limit Bitch Entries: 11  Absentees: 1

1st: Glebeheath Fingers On Lips (Mrs J Guvercin) A super bitch, fit, muscular but still feminine I found her outline extremely pleasing & she moved out well. Super thick pelt topped with an excellent coat. A true show girl she didn’t put a foot wrong. An eye catching bitch with a lot of style Bitch CC & Best In Show
2nd: Ridgebow Pendle Witch (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) I really liked this neat ,feminine blue and tan bitch. Shown in good coat with a thick pelt she moved well & with purpose.
3rd: Caznray Just A Mystery From Thornheswin (Mr J C Dixon) Another very pleasing bitch stylish and smart and showed herself off extremely well.
Res: Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin' (Mrs S J Baxter)
VHC: Karison Krumble (Miss K Johnson)

Open Bitch Entries: 6  Absentees: 5

1st: Ch Cobstoneway Love Song JW ShCM (Mrs G Stevens) Stood alone but worthy winner. An attractive & smart looking bitch with nice pleasing head and level topline. She moved out well .

Veteran Bitch Entries: 5  Absentees: 1

1st: Beaconpike Night Sky At Brackenfell *  (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis) 9yr old on the day. What a super bitch, like her brother she is lasting and holding her shape and outline .Loved her movement and her stylish look, lovely feminine head, straight front and great coat won her Reserve Bitch CC

2nd: Int/Am/Can Ch Sulan Fancy That ** (Mrs S J Baxter) 13yr old bitch with super outline and head. She still moves out with drive and purpose.  A bitch I have always liked but today she had to give way to 1st.
3rd: Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski ** (Mr J C B Yore) 9 ¾ Very attractive and fit bitch,super coat, bend of stifle and outline. Much to like about her.
Res: Wings of Speed at Otterpaws ** (Miss Dixon)

* this exhibit was subsequently disqualified by the Kennel Club  being in breach of regulation F(1)8.e. per KC Journal October 2019 and the exhibits marked ** were each moved up to the next higher award.


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