Junior Membership

junior awards  The junior section of The Border Terrier Club is an activity group for young Border      Terrier enthusiasts aged 15 or under and started officially on 1st January 2009.


 To encourage young people to understand and learn about Border Terriers  including  care, becoming responsible enthusiasts, origins of the breed and the opportunity to          become involved in junior activities.

Membership Details

Annual Membership Fee: £5.00 Junior membership includes: 

Membership Pack upon joining. 

Annual newsletter - 'The Junior' containing news and images of BTCJ events and things to participate in. 

Opportunity to participate in junior events including junior handling, learning about junior handling, grooming dogs, caring for Border Terriers etc.

BTC Juniors will also enjoy similar benefits to full adult membership other than they will not be eligible to vote on Club matters until they become full adult members of The Border Terrier Club at 16 or over. 

If required, BTC Juniors may also receive the club year book for a nominal additional amount, following 12 months membership. 

Junior Awards of Merit

Junior Awards of Merit can be achieved by Junior Members of The Border Terrier Club 

Each junior member will need to work in order of merit by achieving Bronze first, then Silver and finally Gold. 

There are two sets of age bands for awards: 

A children's section for members aged 6-11 where parents may wish to provide additional guidance and assessment of finished work will take into account the child's age.

A junior section for members aged 12-16 where the standards required will be set higher to suit the capabilities of the older age group. 


The format of the journal will be decided by the member but typically could be an A4 binder with the cover design produced by the member and containing A4 pages with the members entries recorded (and dated) to cover the subjects detailed below.

The journal should cover the year it is produced and is required to cover a minimum of 9 months and a maximum of 12 months. 

Text can be produced on computer or neatly handwritten - the journal can be very much improved by including accompanying photographs, sketches, magazine articles etc to support the text.

Entries in the 6-11 yrs age band may be submitted in a simpler format (exercise book) etc. 

At any time, if the junior member needs advice, they can always contact The BTC committee members who are running this award scheme.

Contact: Carol Mackenzie, 9 Mount Melville Crescent, Strathkinness, Fife, KY16 9XS Tel: 01334 850679 

Application and Completion Details 

Application forms for participation in junior merit awards can be obtained from The Border Terrier Club via the club secretary or the year book. 

To participate in any year, let Carol Mackenzie know during the year that you intend to complete a Journal. Completed Journals can be handed in to Carol by post or email for assessment from 1st December in year up to the 15th January in the following year. 

Junior Awards of Merit (Age 6 - 11 yrs): 


Every Week enter into your diary your activities with your Border Terrier, Write down how you have cared for your Border Terrier. Things you should include are, what part you took in feeding, grooming, training and exercising your dog. Write about how you helped to care for your dog. Tell us about any things you do daily with your Dog. To gain a pass each child must display a minimum knowledge of caring for their dog. 


Enter into your diary your activities as you did for the Bronze, Also tell us about whether you have done any Junior handling, If you have done any training with your dog towards the Good Citizen Award, or taken part in any Agility or Obedience - Using your own words write a short story (a minimum of 2 pages A4 paper ) about your Border Terrier and putting into your story anything you know of the history of the Border Terrier . 


Every Week enter into your diary your activities as you did for the Bronze & silver awards, Each entry should be a minimum of one page.Tell us about your role in the grooming of your dogs coat,To complete the gold award you need to take part in at least one of the following and record your level of success -Junior Handling-Agility- Obedience- Good Citizen Award-or any other Countryside activity with your Border Terrier - Write a short story on your experiences in one or more of the above. 

Read the breed standard and learn enough to answer questions on it, you do not need to be word perfect but you must understand basically what the standard means . To pass the Gold award this work will be judged on it's quality and accuracy and will be graded Distinction, Credit, Merit, Pass or Fail.

Junior Awards of Merit (Age 12 - 16 yrs): 


Maintain a Journal of a minimum of 2 pages (A4) per entry covering a minimum of 5 subjects from the following: 

General care.




Junior handling,

Good Citizens Award,



Countryside activities,

If possible, attend at least one breed seminar, Write a short written account about the Border Terrier and what it was bred for originally, plus a short written account about the breed standard and what you think the words mean to you. 


Produce a journal as for the Bronze Award.

Also write of your experiences on the subject on one or more of the following:

Junior handling

Good Citizen Award




Write a short story in a minimum of 500 words and in your own words, explain what you think the Border Terrier is now and what you know of its history. 

Learn the breed standard to a level at which you could answer questions on certain points asked and explain what the standard means to you. Be able to point out a minimum of 10 of the main points of canine structure on a picture of a Border Terrier. 


Produce a weekly journal as for the Bronze/Silver Award; also write a piece covering any chosen aspect of the Border Terrier and history of the breed. 

Typical subjects could be: 

The history of the breed

The future of the breed

Well known kennels of the past and their influence on today's Border Terriers 

Border Terriers in the show ring

Achieve either a pass in a Good Citizens Award. Or at least 3 wins at various levels of competition in at least one of the following. ie Agility,Dog Grooming, Junior handling or Obedience with your dog. 

To pass the Gold award this work will be judged on it's quality and accuracy and will be graded Distinction, Credit, Merit, Pass or Fail. 

Assessment & Awards 

Finished logs will be assessed by two nominated BTC committee members and either graded or returned if further work or research is needed.

Successful junior members will receive a certificate and special BTC Junior Badge following completion of their work for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Awards will be achieved in succession ie Bronze - Silver - Gold.

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