Kennel Reviews for the 2019 Year Book

Dear Members,
Border Terrier Club Year Book 2019: Kennel/Members’ Reviews: deadline date 1st December 2019
Now is the time to start thinking about your Kennel/Member’s Review for The Border Terrier Club Year Book of 2019, which will be issued in February/March 2020.

I would be happy to receive your Reviews for the next Year Book as soon as you are able to send them to me.
Costs of full colour page reviews for Border Terrier Club members:- £40 for 1 page; £75 for 2 pages; £110 for 3 pages
Cheques or Postal Orders made payable to 'The Border Terrier Club' please.
Please send your inputs by email to:
or by post to:  Judith Fawcett, 4 Wandsworth Gardens, Shap, Cumbria, CA10 3PE
If you have any questions, my telephone number is 01931 716 533. If no reply, please leave a message and I will get back to you.

Artwork submissions
The maximum kennel review content area is 124mm wide x 192mm high, this allows for binding, page numbering and margins.
Please supply your kennel review submissions in one of the following formats:
1.     Images and text supplied as separates:
·      Text to be supplied in a Word or PowerPoint document. Images can be included to show where you want them to appear but this will be a guide only and separate images must be supplied as JPG files of print quality at 300dpi.
·      Original photos can be posted to us and will be scanned and returned. Hand written text is accepted.
·      We will design your page(s) to our standard page layout, or another simple layout if requested.
·      Any special design requirements can be discussed on a case by case basis, but there may be an additional charge.
2.     Complete artwork supplied by you:
·      At 124mm x 192mm size.
·      In JPG, TIFF or PDF format.
·      Of print quality - 300dpi at finished size.
·      If a kennel name and contact details are required, these must be included within your artwork.
·      Complete artwork supplied in Microsoft Word, Publisher or PowerPoint is not compatible with professional print production and artwork will be re-created. Images must also be supplied as separate JPG files of print quality at 300dpi. Exact fonts and colour matching cannot be guaranteed.­
If you have employed a professional photographer and they wish to send me the photos direct, just ask them to add the dog's name to the document or the body of the e-mail, so I know which is which (and let me know you are doing this, so I have your approval please). Image resolution 300dpi at finished size.
If you have purchased a photo from Joyce Martin and she has sent you the photograph, please do not crop it before you send it on to me, as that changes the dpi and I will have to come back to you for a clearer image. If you only have a cropped one, you can ask Joyce to send me the photo direct.
Closing date for final submission is 1st December 2019
Please reserve your page(s) as soon as possible and please note that the final date for submission of your review and photographs will be 1st December, 2019.
If you are posting your review, perhaps you could phone and let me know how many pages you are requesting and the date you posted your review, so I can look out for it and let you know if it does not arrive.
If you are able to e-mail your review and photos, please do so.
I will acknowledge receipt of all Kennel Reviews and photos sent by email, so if you do not receive an acknowledgement within a day or two of sending it, would you please contact me in case your review has gone astray.
I will e-mail a copy of your proof page/s to you for your approval before we go to press. Simple late amendments such as an LKA win can usually be added to your review at no cost.  If there are any amendments after the designer has prepared the proof copy of your page, the company have to charge us for the changes, so we will have to pass that cost on to you. The cost is usually £10 for any amendments of your choosing (eg. if you decided to change text, or wanted to put more details in, or add or change photos after the proof page had been prepared).  If, however, amendments are needed because of an error on our part, then of course there will be no additional charge.
I look forward to receiving your reviews and thank you for supporting your Club and your Year Book.
Yours sincerely,
Judith Fawcett
Border Terrier Club Year Book