Border Terriers moved from Kennel Club Stud Book Band E to Band D from 1st January 2013. The KC Stud Book Band for each breed is determined by the average number of entries that the breed attracts at shows where Kennel Club Challenge Certificates are on offer (usually calculated over the previous 2 years).  The lowering of the Band was caused by the reduced average entry that the breed had attracted at Championship shows.

The main effects that this change of Band brought about were as follows (these changes were included on our website previously, before they took effect, but as mention has recently been made of some judges taking on more than three classes while not on any Club's B List or above, we thought it might be a good time to give you a reminder):-

Firstly it means that for Border Terriers, from 2013, only wins of 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Open Classes and 1st in Limit Classes at Championship shows with CCs on offer for the breed, will qualify a dog for entry in the KC Stud Book. 2nd and 3rd prize wins in Limit Classes are no longer qualifying awards.

Secondly, this also meant a change to the qualifications required for judges of Border Terriers at Open shows. Whereas previously judges of Border Terriers could judge up to five classes of a breed at Open shows without being on a breed club B list or above, now the maximum number of classes for non-B list judges is reduced to three. 

TRANSITIONAL ARRANGEMENTS (now most likely finished)
The Kennel Club confirmed that despite Border Terriers moving down from Band E to Band D, judges whose contracts were in position and who had signed a judging contract before 31st December 2012 to judge four or five classes for the breed, (providing they were eligible at the time of acceptance), were still eligible to fulfil the appointment. It is unlikely that anyone now falls into this category, so that judges should be aware that unless they are on the B list or above of a breed club for Border Terriers, they should not accept an invitation to judge more than three classes at an Open show.

Mention was made at the time that the change of Stud Book Band would doubtless in its turn also affect the number of classes for the breed that have to be scheduled at Premier Open Shows before that show’s Best of Breed in Border Terriers qualified for entry at Crufts. Anyone entering Crufts needs to check the Crufts schedule first before entering that show, to check the current qualifications. 

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